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Prem Marg

Prem Marg: The Path of Love




Increase your capacity to give and receive love. Let not your logic restrict your capacity to love! With this you will be able to sustain 500+ PEVF. Want to know what is PEVF? Read more here…

For manifesting the life of our dreams, it is true that we first need to remove the hurdles such as Limiting belief system, self-doubt, blind spots, negative attitudes etc., but when we FOCUS on POSITIVE, it over powers the lower frequency issues and one NEED NOT work on all negatives, in a sequential manner.

Working on negatives systematically is like taking a staircase to go to 9th floor. (In Meru Sri Yantra, there are 9 levels! – Tripura Rahasya Symbology) But, I propose to go by LIFT. Less efforts, easy to reach heights and we can any way see and explore all floors while coming down. This is a special short cut that is safe and possible much easily if you understand LOVE.

If you had been in love anytime, you know the feeling and the subtler nuances of it! The rose looks more rosier and grass looks greener! I would like to share a method to be in that state all the time. I am into that all the time!

This becomes possible with 500+ PEVF. It is easy to reach here by simply dropping the logic!! With your SOULMATES behave like a child. Do all that you enjoyed as a child. No logic, only FUN! Opening the left nostril helps in the process of dropping the logic and entering the stream of love.

Once your vibrancy increases, grass looks greener and roses are more rosier!! 

It is an inside story; (Yeh andar ki baat hai) it has nothing to do with outside people and situations. You need to learn to raise your PEVF faster. Logic will never allow you to do that and LOVE will never fail!

Let me share a small technique to do that. Open left nostril. Do rapid breathing through left nostril and you will land up in LOVE ZONE.

So, my dear SOULMATES, the secret is LOVE. Increase your capacity to love. Feel comfortable in giving love. Feel comfortable in receiving love. Just be in the flow and you will start seeing the world with the new eyes! The eyes of LOVE!

When you see the world with these eyes, grass looks greener and rose seems more rosier!

Love n Blessings
Prem Nirmal

Guidelines for better living


1) Don’t compare.
2) Don’t judge others.
3) Don’t criticize, condemn or complain.
4) Don’t kill living creatures for food. As you become more sensitive and loving you will not like to kill someone.
5) Don’t do anything to any other living beings, that you won’t like to be done to yourself.


1) Respect your uniqueness and that of others.
2) Always be loving, operate from the heart; especially while being with children.
3) Be sensitive of people’s needs. Use your head and heart, both together, while dealing with them. But remember help yourself first before helping others
4) Update your understanding daily and keep growing in awareness by continuously correcting your attitudes.
5) Always be in a state of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That is the biggest virtue of being human. Share your love with more and more human beings.

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