What is PEVF?

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What is PEVF?

Every object in this universe is emitting energy waves with certain frequencies. So also, every human being is emitting certain frequency vibrations. This is known as “Personal Energetic Vibrational Frequency” or PEVF.

PEVF is our fundamental way to communicate with universe as universe understands and recognizes the language of PEVF. Universe understands our requests and responds to it through our PEVF. PEVF is the only way we communicate with existence… There is no other way!

We get in our life, not what we desire but what we deserve. We attract things and beings in our life, in line with our PEVF communication with existential forces. Universe responds to our PEVF through the phenomena of “Resonance”. Hence people with low PEVF settle with ordinary life while people with high PEVF excel in everything they do and enjoy best of the best in very natural ways and that too with effortless ease!


PEVF is the most hidden secret tool of life fulfillment as it is almost unknown to people in main stream. It is known only by few spiritually evolved human beings and alchemists. Those who know this secret can create miracles in their life in areas of Health and healing, Abundance, Relationships, Leadership that influencing masses etc.

People with low PEVF are those who harbor negative emotions, such as shame, guilt, hatred, fear, anger etc. They suffer with inferiority complex, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Low PEVF people invite misery that resonates with their emotions, which further reduces their PEVF. Such people are always down in dumps (Hence lowest frequencies are also known as DID frequencies!) and need outside help from a Coach or a Mentor, a Spiritual Guide or Guru or an evolved Counselor. Sometimes, people in DID frequencies may stop communication with outside world because of their intense introvertedness and may resist help that comes from outside that makes the scene even worst as nothing can be done about it. This is how law of karma works and holds the person with low PEVF in its tight jaws!! In such cases of low PEVF, law of karma is ultimate and person has to suffer because of their wrong doings.

People with medium levels of PEVF are somehow able to gather courage and fight their way upward. They do not understand the subtler nuances of higher PEVF but somehow have inkling or gut feel that they need to learn and grow. These are the people who believe in positive thinking and growing big. They learn by trial and error method. They face troubles on the way up because of non-clarity associated with these levels of PEVF.

People with higher PEVF operate with Love. They also actively practice forgiveness and gratitude. Such people look very serene and tranquil. They are peaceful and joyous. They are also the people who practice unconditional love which is not cultivated virtue but natural outcome of their higher levels of awareness. Further up on PEVF, compassion arises and they become capable of lifting masses to higher levels.

Higher the PEVF, higher the capacity of manifestation! At certain higher levels of PEVF one can command the cosmic forces with love n gratitude and get whatever required! It’s like ordering your desired dishes from cosmic kitchen and enjoying all that you want, anytime, anywhere!

Highest PEVF people are enlightened beings with highest awareness. They may be amongst masses but masses may or may not recognize them. They are humble and simple people but have a certain quality that gives them Midas touch! They remain unaffected inwardly yet loving and compassionate while dealing with people around. They have self-mastery and they deal with life from highest levels of clarity. They know their life purpose and they work to fulfil it every moment. Their priorities are very clear and they are aligned to existential forces; creating miracles with effortless ease! They are always focused on increasing the field strength of their awareness, as they know clearly the relationship between awareness and PEVF.

Why we need to increase PEVF?

As existence understands us better and responds faster to higher frequencies, if we increase our frequency, we can manifest better and faster, at times, instantaneously! Existence understands the language of PEVF, so if we become expert at it, we can create miracles!
Higher the PEVF more is the freedom to create miracles. With 500+ (Love and above frequencies) we can improve our relationships instantaneously and be happy. With 700+ (Enlightenment / Miraculous zone) frequencies we get into total transformation mode. With higher frequencies we help others too!
So, in general, higher the frequency, better it is for us and for our fellow beings and for the whole of mother earth and humanity. This is so because one person with higher PEVF can balance the negativity of millions of low PEVF people!

For more insights, see this video…


How to increase PEVF?

There are many ways to increase Personal Energetic Vibrational Frequency (PEVF) but I am going to share only those ways which are tried and tested and give guaranteed results!

1) Sound Meditation: Certain specific frequencies sound vibrations can give instant help to increase our PEVF. As everyone vibrates at different frequency, this miracle frequency will be different for different people. But, in general, start from lower healing frequencies and move upwards as you feel the effect of such frequencies on you. Soon you will develop sensitivity and awareness and you will be your best judge. Sound frequencies are no doubt the best to increase PEVF and are most researched upon by scientists and have clinical data to support this fact. I have used sacred solfeggio’s in my Sound Healing workshops and also during individual Therapy sessions and have got excellent results.

2) 49 HB Nirmal Kriya: This is a special Kriya that was given by Sri Mahavatar Babaji for modern era to increase our PEVF. One of the largest ever scientific research was done on it and the results are amazing.

3) Six step Nirmal Dhyan: All types of meditations are good to increase our PEVF but our scientific research shows that combination of six steps in Nirmal Dhyan is extraordinary in its effect in increasing PEVF.

Anyone who practices 49 HB Nirmal Kriya followed by 6 step Nirmal Dhyan and listens to healing sounds will increase PEVF for sure!

4) There are certain Attitudes and behavioral practices which increase our PEVF. Practice of “Attitude of Gratitude” definitely increases our PEVF.

5) Love & Compassion: Once our reactions get converted to responses and we start operating from our heart center with Love & Compassion, this practice increases our PEVF for sure!

6) Being with high PEVF Masters is the easiest way to increase PEVF.

7) Full Moon meditations in natural surroundings help to increase PEVF.

8) Daily practice of Prem-Kriya with Prem-Dhyan and Prem-Bodh is the most effective way to increase PEVF.

Love n Blessings

Om Prem




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  1. Posted by Ritambhara Gurukripa on August 8th, 2015, 15:54

    Pranam Guruji,

    I am so thankful to you for sharing so wonderfully on this topic. I now understand the meaning with clarity.

    Affection & Gratitude,

  2. Posted by Dipali Vaghasia on August 15th, 2015, 15:01

    Namaste Gurujii _/|\_
    You have expressed it outstandingly in the most humble words. This understanding is now clear on how laws of manifestation works. How habits, patterns, karma is all tangled together !!
    Deep Gratitude,

  3. Posted by Alpa Dalal on September 14th, 2015, 18:19

    A wonderful explanation and also a roadmap to reach the higher PEVF
    Thank you Guruji

  4. Posted by Padmaja on September 14th, 2015, 23:24

    Namaste Guruji, i am thankful to have very nice explanation given by you. But guruji i want to know when persons do all mistakes n don’t listen properly , for them how to forgive n compassionate with them . Pl.Guruji highlight on this to get rid of this problem also . Thank you Guruji

  5. Posted by Tushar on September 15th, 2015, 13:22

    Very energetic and inspiring Guruji. Esp. “to order from Cosmic Kitchen” is very inviting !
    Thank you much.