Cause behind the cause is in Causal body!

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Cause behind the cause is in Causal Body! © Prem Nirmal

This article is in continuation with the previous article “The Root Cause of Disease”. If you haven’t read it, read it here:

All that happens at the Body level or Grosser level has its cause at subtler level. In previous article we understood that all diseases have root cause in our “Negative Thoughts and Emotions”. This is well known fact and many healers have understood through years of practice. Now, it is becoming a mainstream thought, as it is accepted by science.

But what causes negative thoughts and emotions? What is it that creates thoughts and emotions, in the first place? This question is relatively difficult to answer as there is not much research done on this aspect by science. What science has understood is, there are some neuro chemicals that trigger our thoughts and emotions through neural networks connections.

But scriptures are very clear on creation of thoughts and emotions. All grosser things have their cause in subtle. So, what is subtler then thoughts and emotions? The scriptures say, it is our karma that creates our thoughts and emotions! And where are karmas stored? In our subtle body known as Causal body (Karan Deha). It is subtler than Emotional Body and Thought Body.

The famous sutras are “Buddhi karmanu sharinim” and “Karma budhyanu sharinim”. Which means, our thoughts that we think using our intellect, are prompted by our prarabdha karma! (Our entire kitty of our past karmas is known as “Sanchita Karma”. One out of those millions of karmas in kitty of sanchita is about to pop up to give results, is called Prarabdha Karma.) We think, our intellect is independent faculty and we can do anything with our intellect… but it is not so. Our “Prarabdha Karmas” are in subtle ways, prompting our intellect to think in a certain way so that we get the results of our karma! And the other part of it is, whatever karma we do are prompted by our intellect.

Thus, every human being is caught up in a vicious circle. The intellect is prompted by karma and karmas are prompted by intellect. Hence there is NO freedom of choice, because our choices are also prompted by our karma and past psychic impressions (samskaras).

So, this Samsara is a big trap! Everyone is caught-up in this trap! And very few are aware of it!!
Is there a way to transcend this trap?

May be, yes! We will discuss it in our next article. Stay tuned!

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