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The root cause of disease © Prem Nirmal

As a professional counselor, practicing “Holistic Counseling” for last two decades, I had ample opportunity to relate “mental make-up” and “Physical disease” of counselees, all over the world. Based on my experience and statistical analysis of thousands of cases in last twenty years, I am sharing following thoughts on “Root Cause of Disease”:

1) Those who harbor “Non-harmony” they fall sick often. Non-harmony may be because of a “Stressful Relationship” (fighting a divorce case) or a “Situation” (Loss of Dignity / loss of Job and associated fear and financial stress) or a “Negative Habit Pattern” (Smoking, drinking, substance abuse etc.). Anything that bothers a person at the back of the mind, all the time, can very well become the root cause of disease at physical level over a period of time.

2) Negative emotions gripping a person often, can also become a root cause of disease. E.g. A lady harboring resentment towards her children can develop breast cancer. A man harboring too much of “Anger” can develop “Hyper Tension”. A fearful child can have regular attacks of cough and cold. Fear of communication or Public Speaking can develop voice related or Thyroid issues. Shame and Guilt are two major negative emotions which can develop many diseases depending on situation.

3) Low “Self Esteem” may seem innocent reason but can become a major root cause for many diseases! People operating from low self-esteem have low immunity and most likely to fall prey to viruses and bacteria while another person with healthy self-esteem (and so also the healthy immunity) will not be affected in the same environment. So, those who develop healthy self-esteem also become healthy physically!

4) People with negative attitudes such as criticizing, complaining, grumbling, condemning, cribbing all the time may develop various physical diseases, if they do not change their attitudes. Please note… diseases do not develop overnight. They develop slowly because of mental-emotional patterns over long time. E.g. Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. Diet, exercise and extra calories decide the weight gain. But, most people realize this only when they can’t get into the old jeans!

5) The most unknown reason and root cause of many dreaded diseases such as Cancer or HIV/Aids may be soul fragmentation. Soul fragmentation occurs because of over attachment and loss of confidence in a person, or deep sexual relationship coming to an abrupt end or betrayal in a relationship. Soul fragmentation becomes unconsciously in low energy levels and person may not realize it as it happens. In such cases “Soul Retrieval Meditation” can become miraculous cure for the disease!

No matter which of the above reason creates diseases, there are few antidotes to all diseases…

1) Prana: Deep breathing, Pranayama, Kriya Yoga and many other spiritual practices focus on increasing prana / Life Force Energy / Vitality. It helps in increasing immunity that protects us from almost all diseases.

2) Love: Those who are in “Love field” all the time, do not fall sick! Love energy is the greatest healing energy known to mankind! It remains a hidden secret even today when science has developed to such a great extent… and it will remain a secret from logical mind, as Love is beyond Logic! One needs to move from Head to Heart to experience Love Energy.

3) Meditation: Ancient wisdom tells us that people who meditate regularly remain healthy. With meditation, we can increase our immunity power and can come out of negative patterns created by Negative thoughts and emotions. Meditation is the greatest force to heal all kinds of negativity.

4) PEVF: Those with high PEVF (Personal Energetic Vibrational Frequency) fall sick lesser compared to people with low PEVF. Sound Healing, Practice of Gratitude and Faith in oneself are surest way to increase your PEVF.

Om Mangalam Bhavatu – May all beings enjoy great health!!!

Prem Nirmal

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