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Our scriptures say, “Kamini and Kanchan are two major hurdles to liberation!” Yes, it’s true! Unless one transcends the greed for money (Kanchan) and lust for sex (Kamini), one can never get liberated. Other desires such as food, cloths, education, house, car etc. is easy to overcome by working for it and getting it, yet in the whole process, human mind can easily get stuck with obsession for money.

Many great people say that desire for food and desire for sex has similarity. Yes, there is! Whenever you feel hungry, you relish good food and it gives satisfaction… but after few hours, one feels hungry again! So, hunger is never satisfied. Similarly, when desire for sex arises as sub-conscious urge and if it leads to orgasmic experience, whole body feels happy for some time. But, for how much time this feeling will remain? Not for long… one good experience which is registered in sub-conscious mind, creates the desire to repeat that experience or have better experience. This chain of desires has binding effect on human mind, and it gets caught in experiencing it again and again without any true fulfillment.

A negative thought has tremendous effect on body! With just a negative thought, body releases hormones and acids which can produce acidity, gases and bad mood! Similarly, a positive thought has positive effects on body. But, do you know that a great sexual experience with peak orgasm has fantastic positive healing effect on body? It is because, during every orgasmic experience oxytocin and endorphins are released in the brain which creates fantastic feel good factor and high degree of satisfaction (samadhan).

Every great experience is registered in sub-conscious mind and with repeated experience, it gets habituated. This is where the trouble starts! Here onward, every subsequent sexual experience is not as fulfilling as the earlier one! But as the earlier experience has gone in to bio-memory or cellular memory, body craves for such experiences. This craving gives rise to sexual urges and thoughts. All these things keep happening at sub-conscious level and one may not be aware of the whole game!

It is because of this mechanism, even older people, whose body does not support the act, also get sexual thoughts and cravings. The desire for sex is so deep…. It is natural, because we are born out of sex! Each cell of human body is sexy in nature! For a cell, peak orgasmic experience is like going back to its own source (this experience is similar to enlightenment experience! It’s called “returning back to the source” – the real meaning of the word religion!) Hence the word used in Sanskrit language for orgasmic experience is “Mudra” and the enlightenment experience is called “Maha-Mudra”.

As the sub-conscious desire for sex (in scriptural language it’s called vasana) continues right up to the time of death, the software bundle of subtle bodies carry it and that bundle will have craving for gaining another human body. Thus, the rebirth happens and the game continues. A soul (jivatma) gets caught in this illusion (maya) for many life times and doesn’t know how to come out of it.

Path to liberation is not easy because of obsession with money (Kanchan) and obsession with sexual thoughts (Kamini).

From astrological point of view, 2nd house represent money (Dhanasthan) (Kanchan) and 7th house represents sexual relationship (Bharyasthan) (Kamini). These two houses are called “Marak-sthan” and their lords (planets) are called “Markesh” which become reason for rebirth because of material attachments.

So, how does one come out of the effects of Kamini and Kanchan?

A big question, indeed!

Our entire yogic course of spiritual practices (sadhana) is for this only. Liberation is possible only by increasing Awareness and Understanding, which in turn, need high PEVF.

So, the first step is to increase PEVF.

Second step is to increase Awareness through Kriya and Meditation.

Third step is to increase Understanding (A) By being with the Master (B) Reading scriptures (C) Life experiences (D) Listening to other people’s life experiences empathetically (E) Gyan Yog or listening to Satsang.

Khajuraho temples were built by Chandravanshi Kings and there were many tantra masters around at that time, (about 1100 to 2000 years ago) who knew entirely other way, a short-cut yet joyous way through sexual orgasm. Caution: It’s tricky and requires a very high level of awareness and guidance of live master, otherwise one can go down the drain very fast on this slippery path.

We all know that enlightenment creates coherent oscillations across the brain which is known as Gamma Waves. (40 Hz, 70 Hz, 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 400 Hz are different stages of Gamma) This happens with Kundalini awakening through Kriya Kundalini Yoga. Similar Gamma State is achieved when one gets in to orgasmic state with full awareness in no thought zone. In fact, all those who have experienced orgasm with full awareness, know that getting in to Gamma Mindset is easiest through sexual orgasm if awareness and sacredness is maintained. Orgasmic state is meeting of Shiva and Shakti with-in! Once such meeting happens, the hardware corrections of brain’s neural network happens that makes a person capable of maintaining higher awareness in day to day living.

As such experience is very powerful, it washes away the desires and cravings of past many life times and liberates the person once and for all. With full awareness, sexual energy is converted in to spiritual energy that moves upwards and experience is similar to kundalini awakening. This is UrdvaReta Kriya. In the process one passes through breath-orgasm, prana-orgasm, kundalini orgasm and awareness orgasm. Words are just the pointers… don’t get stuck with the words and please do not misinterpret the words. When you experience it, you will know the meaning of those pointers!

Once, shiva and shakti meet with-in, the need for sex is no more there. This leads to liberation!

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