Thriving on Negativity by Prem Nirmal


Thriving on negativity

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Do you get succumbed to the pressure of negativity? Not a good idea! It’s better to thrive on negativity!!
What did you say? Thriving on Negativity? How can that be?

All that is coming between you and your success is the negativity of all kinds. Fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, guilt, shame etc. Remove all these negative chunks from your system. This will bring you from minus to zero level. But only removing negativity will not bring you success.

What should follow is the positivity. Bring in the positivity. It will boost up your energy and enhance enthusiasm to move ahead. But don’t get stuck in positive thoughts! Don’t get carried away by drum beats of promoters of “Positive Thinking” either!

Why? Because positive and negative are polar opposites and they will co-exist, no matter what!
Positive and Negative in life are polar opposites. Cut a magnet into half and each pole will readily come up with their other pole. The other side of the North Pole will develop its own South Pole and the other side of South Pole will develop its own North Pole.

Positive and Negative are part of life. Both co-exist and in equal proportion. Only positive thinking is not possible. Think only positive thoughts and sooner a dip will come and the positive and negative will balance itself.

Don’t be afraid of the negative, it will be there. In fact, it is in ample supply. Whenever you venture into something new or different, you are likely to get a lot of negative inputs. Why rebuff them, I would say utilize them. Thrive on them. Yes, thrive on them!

It is most likely that they will come from your near and dear ones and well-wishers!
Your near and dear ones do think well of you, feel concerned about you and want to protect you. But unknowingly they are planting seeds of negativity in you and killing your enthusiasm. Respect them, love them anyway, but thrive on negative inputs that they give. Go ahead… no matter what and WIN. This will help to keep their mouth shut automatically.

With so much negativity around you, start thriving on it.

If it is in your hands to stay away from negative people. But in case you face negativity, face it squarely, thrive on it, take it as a challenge and derive energy from it.

Learn from lions! Imbibe the qualities of a lion to such an extent that others don’t dare to mess up with you. Negative people may feel scared to come near you. Your clarity, your commitment may make them nervous! Their negativity should not budge you, affect you in any way. In fact, you use it as a challenge, thrive on it and go ahead and prove, prove so that you shut their mouth for good.

This is the way of a lion. A lion is not deterred by the negative people. It walks its own path. Regardless of all the people who pull him down.

So, to thrive on negativity, go on imbibing the qualities of a Lion, such as clarity, courage, creativity, competency, confidence, killer instinct etc. Through these qualities, once you get the knack of it to thrive on negativity, you will notice that supply of negativity is available in ample quantity and that too at no cost! Now what else you want to thrive?

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