The fury of Nature


Our mother earth is the most beautiful planet for humankind to enjoy! Nature has evolved the human mind and intellect to understand the natural forces and take appropriate actions for course corrections. But most human beings are so self-centric, we forget to take that appropriate action for course correction. In such times, mother nature will remind us in her own way!

If people of a region become too self-centric, mother nature will remind us to behave in form of earthquakes.

If people of a certain village or town become self-centric, a tornedo is a good way to remind!

If people of coastal region do not understand, tsunami can remind them!

If those who stay on river banks to enjoy the prosperity, become self-centric, heavy rains and flooding will remind them anyway!

If people of desert region forget the humanitarian values, mother nature will remind them with a drought.

If an individual or a family becomes too self-centric, mother nature can remind them with lightening!

But, when whole of humanity becomes too self-centric, and forgets to take care of this beautiful planet, nature comes out with something like Corona Virus to remind us, that we need to behave properly and take corrective actions seriously.

Every time, we forget to do, what we are supposed to do, mother nature is kind enough to remind us of our duty, so that we can improve ourselves and start enjoying once again.

Entire game of evolution, is to go beyond the mind and become conscious of our true nature. This needs a kind of slow pace of life where we can meditate and ponder over few existential questions such as Who am I? Why am I here on this planet earth? What am I supposed to do? What is my next level of evolution?

Present world crises have opened up the opportunity to be with oneself and ponder over these existential questions. Find a quiet place, wherever you are. Sit with eyes closed. Watch your breath and let your awareness increase. Become more sensitive to your body signals. Learn to listen to your hunches and gut-feelings. Maybe you will be lucky to improve your sensitivity further to here that small little voice from within, our higher-Self trying to communicate with us in form of intuition!

As we go deeper in meditation and listen to our heart, our understanding grows. With higher understanding, we can solve our fundamental existential jigsaw puzzle. As we start evolving and become best version of ourselves, the mother nature starts blessing us, once again!

It’s just a matter of time!

Shubham Bhavatu!


Dr. Premji Nirmal

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