Health, Wealth and Happiness through Swara Yoga

Swara Yoga Article

Health, Wealth and Happiness through Swara Yoga
Article by Guruji Prem Nirmal

Swara Yoga is an ancient science of nasal breathing that correlates the breath with sun, moon and five elements. The practice of Shiva Swarodaya allows us to synchronize our breath with the universal rhythm. This alignment removes undue efforts, stress and strain from our daily activities. Swara Yoga practice helps us to change unwanted physical, mental or emotional states at will, create favorable conditions for one’s life by changing the internal environment thus improving one’s attitude towards life through increased awareness.

Before we get focused on Health, Wealth & Happiness, let us have some basic understanding of three Swaras or Nadies through Swara Yoga.

If you observe your breath, you will notice that at a given time, any one nostril is more dominant and the other one relatively congested. This keeps changing every one to two hours and during the transition period, both nostrils may be equally dominant for few seconds.

The right nostril dominance is associated with pingala nadi or surya nadi. The pingala, which is the masculine or solar principle, is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain that controls the right side of the body. The left nostril dominance is associated with the Ida nadi or chandra nadi, the feminine or lunar principle, associated with the right hemisphere of the brain and controlling the left side of the body. Just by observing the direct effect of solar and lunar currents of breath on human behavior, swara yogis were able to ascertain the activities best suited during the left nostril dominance and activities best suited during the right nostril dominance.

The nose can be seen as the main switch of cerebral hemispheres. It can stimulate electromagnetic activity on one side of the body and it can switch the hemispheric activity on and off at will. The third nadi is “Sushumana”, where the left and the right are perfectly balanced. It represents “Shiva” (pure consciousness) in the state of “so-hum”. Whenever the nostrils switch, both are open for seven to eight breaths. That is the time when the Sushumana breath flows. No worldly activities are recommended in Shiva swara. One must meditate. Intuitive knowledge is received best during this state.

In the original manuscript of Shiva Swarodaya there are 395 sutras, many of them deal with Health, Wealth & Happiness.
Health: One can easily maintain good health with the knowledge of Swara Yoga. Here are few tips to help you.

• If you want to alter an unwanted physical, emotional or mental state, just breathe through the more congested nostril. This prevents worsening of the symptoms and promotes rapid recovery. Swara yoga advises changing of the active nostril at the first sign of any physical, emotional or mental disturbance.
• To cure the common cold, breathe through the right nostril 21 times by blocking the left nostril. Also sleeping on the left side gives considerable relief; as it activates the right nostril.
• In case of acidity and fever, activating the left nostril helps. You can block the right nostril and breathe through the left nostril 21 times. Also sleeping on the right side helps to reduce fever.
• Swara medicines can be prepared with the knowledge of swara yoga. Swara medicines work at the vibrational level and can help the patients without any side effects.

Sutra no. 391 of Shiva Swarodaya says about the health and medicines that, he who has firsthand knowledge and awareness of three nadies and five elements, to him even the million times more powerful rasayana itself would not be able to equate.

Wealth: Normally it is understood that one can earn good amount of wealth based on one’s Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Strategy. But Swara knowledge goes much deeper than these normal understanding. According to Swara Yoga, to assure success in world, one must enter the cosmic rhythm and stay tuned to it… and you get success with effortless ease!

But how does one align with the cosmic rhythm? Here is the simple way to do it.

Get up each day at least half an hour before the sunrise. Find out the dominating nostril. Kiss the corresponding hand. With the same hand, touch or rub face, neck, chest, thighs and feet. Then while stepping out of the bed, the foot that corresponds to the operating nostril should be placed onto the ground first. Then one can proceed for the morning activities. This simple practice helps you align the subtle flow of energy that ensures success in everything that happens for that day.

Swara yoga also helps to influence people…
Whenever it is desirable to influence the other person, if one’s right nostril is operating, the person to be influenced should be positioned onto the right, below or behind. In case of left operating nostril, onto left, above or in the front.

Sutra no. 214 of Shiva Swarodaya says that the knowledge of swara is a secret wealth. There is no other wealth higher than that as because of the knowledge of swara, one can approach anything and indeed could get the fruit, without an effort!

Sutra no. 53 of Shiva Swarodaya is about giving Dana (Charity). It says, if a wise man performs an act of charity at the time of inhalation through left nostril, it bestows upon him a crore ( ten millions) fold auspicious fruits in this very lifetime!

Sutra no. 389 of Shiva Swarodaya is about health & wealth. It says that the person who is well versed with the knowledge and awareness of Swara Yoga, the Goddess Lakshami is at his feet and to him there would be happiness all over the body!

Happiness: Normally it is understood that happiness is a state of mind… but Swara Yoga delves much deeper. It says… happiness is the natural by product of the enlightened consciousness! In fact, ultimately the very aim of Swara Yoga is to get enlightened.

Sutra no. 27 of Shiva Swarodaya says that the knowledge of Swarodaya is the best among all the things, the best science and is like the flame of lamp, and is ultimately for the enlightenment of the receptacle in the form of the body. The phrase used is Atma-ghata-prakasarthe… indicating self-illumination, self-realization or the knowledge of the self in Indian sense.

Swara yoga is a practical science that can help us to get attuned to cosmic rhythms to get Health, Wealth & Happiness. Make the best use of it!

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