SOUND HEALING Article by Guruji Prem Nirmal


SOUND HEALING Article by Guruji Prem Nirmal

In ancient Vedic scriptures, it is mentioned that universe was manifested with help of sound AUM. The “sound” creates corresponding “form”. Thus, everything in this universe manifested with the help of sound vibrations.

When Energy, Frequency and Vibrations become audible we recognize it in the form of “Sound”. We breathe in this vast ocean of sound. In other words, we are ceaselessly bathing in this universe at all levels. At physical level sound is conducive to water and adult human body is more than 70% water so the frequency of the sound penetrates by vibrating into our blood cells and changes the crystallization of the cells. The Sound vibration actually changes the structure of matter. This action of vibration on matter is known as Cymatics. Hans Jenny (1904-1972), the father of Cymatics, claimed that physical healing could be aided by vibrational tones. These sound and frequency tones have been rediscovered by modern science, but they were nothing new to the Ancient civilizations that understood the powerful benefits of sound and vibration. Hence, we now find its mystical architectural construction fascinating in many sacred Hindu temples, Churches, temples of different religions and monasteries using bells, tingsha, pipes, gongs, solfeggio pipes, Tibetan singing bowls and other modalities like chanting mantras and singing devotional songs that creates powerful vibrations as it is with intentions that heals even faster. That is just a tone of healing instruments that have been used for centuries to increase and facilitate the healing process at the cellular and molecular level.

Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates, every molecule, cell, tissue, organs, glands, bones and liquid in our bodies vibrates at its own specific rate of vibration. That also includes our electromagnetic field (aura) /our etheric body, emotional (Astral), Mental and causal body too. Everything has its healthy frequency and when it is not vibrating harmoniously it manifest illnesses and blockages in that area. First it manifests into our subtle bodies (etheric, astral, mental bodies) and gradually shows in physical body, which then can be treated with precise healing sound frequencies. The higher rate of vibration creates larger spaces between the cells, making it less dense, and prevents from negative energies and removes blockages. It is miraculous to realize that it doesn’t take much time to heal any organs, any ailments be it physical, mental or emotional. It can bring the dying non-breathing part into life. It is a holistic vibrational therapy which comes from live sound of Tibetan bowls, Brass Tuned Healing Pipes, Energy Chimes and other instruments. Sound produces changes within the body by reducing stress, “harmonizing” the cells, and “balances” the body’s energy system. In short it works at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Sound Healing Instruments

Effects of Sound Healing are experienced by those who are practicing it and today’s science is only acknowledging now by proving it and accepting it clinically. It is the beginning of the new era where alternate healing modalities will soon start supporting mainstream medical, especially in post operation care, not because it is setting up the new trend but because this divine sounds is the purest form of instrument that heals the wound and treat human beings at all levels from the root with optimum positivity and longevity. That is how Sound Healing becomes the new age solution that derives from ancient age wisdom. Through the regular use of sound healing and frequencies we can heal, attune and align. This what is meant by “raise your frequency”. The higher rate of vibration holds the higher potential of creating miracles. So, get into the miracle zone and create the meaningful life we deserve with sound healing.

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