Our “Soul Group” is our spirit family and all souls in a soul group vibrate at similar frequencies, in a particular “Band-width”. Our soul is in harmony with these vibrations. Together, we all have a specific mission and purpose to achieve, which is part of a greater vision for the Universe. Our Soul Group supports our soul and its mission and growth in this lifetime.

Who is a Soul-mate? Different souls that we encounter on our path that share the same frequency band as us and are sent to help awaken and challenge us so we can become the best versions of ourselves. They belong to the same soul group. The higher purpose of a soul mate relationship is the growth and evolution of one’s own consciousness.

Often, we work with our Soul-mates over the course of many lifetimes. Soul-mates can be relatives, friends or lovers. Often the purpose of the Soul-mate relationship is to help you both grow and evolve into your fullest potential.

Understanding Soul-mate phenomena helps us to solve and complete our relationships jigsaw puzzle. Recognition of our soul-mates is a sheer joy and being with them is guaranteed growth!

“Soul-mate Workshop” is created by Guruji Prem Nirmal to help people to improve their relationships and recognize their true soulmates for growth and evolution of consciousness.

Topics Covered in Soul Mate Workshop:
(1) Understanding Soul Groups
(2) Understanding Soul-mate phenomena
(3) Different types of soul mates
(4) How to recognize a soul mate? 21 confirmatory tests!
(5) How to recognize you are not with a soul mate? 11 confirmatory tests!
(6) Top 10 Tips to attract your Soul-mate, Case studies, Exercises & Q/A
(7) Soul-mate Manifestation Meditation using Sound & Frequencies
(8) How to create new soul-mates?
(9) Understanding Soul fragmentation
(10) Step-by-step fragment retrieval technique & Meditation
(11) Twin flames, Related discussion and Q/A




Soulmate workshop was an experience beyond words. Systematically Guruji introduced the topic, explained its various aspects, purpose of soulmates, misconceptions, cleared our doubts, the ways to recognize your soulmate etc.

The icing on the cake was the topic of soul fragmentation and the processes involved in retrieving the soul fragment. Just about understanding these aspects healed us in profound way. The case studies and real life examples made it more relevant and clear. His unique humorous style makes the whole workshop fun and we were at ease throughout!

This is a workshop which will help one and all. It will definitely improve relationships and give us a whole new perspective. We were lucky to participate in the workshop as a couple. We have improved our relation after attending this workshop as we got clarity about what is missing in our relationship.

Gratitude to existence for giving us such wonderful opportunity to learn from the most compassionate spiritual master Guruji Prem Nirmal.

~ Yogesh and Priti Patil, Bengaluru, India
(M) +91 9632921319 / +91 8088393304



I would extend my Heartiest Gratitude, Respect & Love for affording us the privilege to be part of experiencing the inaugural SOULMATE program.

It was enlightening to understand the concept of Soul Group & associated SOULMATE Relationship in the context of scientific & spiritual approach.

The program unlocks the secrets of strong chemistry, connection & intuitive emotions that we perceive upon meeting our soulmates from the same energetic cloth.

What delights about the program is the simple manifestation techniques that help us awaken and become the best of ourselves and make the most of our relationships in a truly ethical and spiritual consciousness.

Priceless thanks! Guruji for enriching our souls with treasures of simple effective techniques and spiritual models of wisdom.

Wishing you a journey of great success in presenting the SOULMATE program across the world.

Mahesh DS, Bengaluru
(M) +91 9591087009



I am grateful to have attended the Soulmate Workshop conducted by Prem Nirmal Guruji. I initially thought soulmate means life partner. After attending the Soulmate workshop, I got the clear understanding of who are soulmates and their purpose in your life, who are twin flames and how to identify them.

Personally, I found the soulmate fragment retrieval technique to be most helpful as it is very important to clear up the mess that’s already there in your life before you go on for something new. The contents of the program are amazing and methodology is highly effective that creates clarity and gives confidence to tackle life.

Nagarathna Venkatesh (AKA Rathna Kalyani), Bengaluru
(M) +91 9845885001


It was a program where I felt, my deep-rooted question in my consciousness – “Why there should be a soul mate?” got perfect answer! The very aspect of having friendship with deeper understanding is essential. When relationship is breaking and when people don’t get to attract the sort of company in the form of a friend or a spouse, soulmate workshop gave hope of meeting the right sort of person whom we wish to be with. The emotional bonding of the person builds up and it strengthens the relationship.

Guruji Prem Nirmal very compassionately explained the concept of Soul-mate & Twin Flames with similarities and differences between the two. He gave 21 ways to recognize a soulmate and 11 more ways to confirm it. It was a treat to the soul!

The process of “Soul Fragments Retrieval” was amazing and very useful. With my background of “Energy Work” through Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing etc., I was aware of the concept, but Guruji created absolute clarity through step-by-step process and meditation. I have tremendous Gratitude in my heart for whole existence for giving me this wonderful opportunity to attend this much-needed Soul-mate Workshop.

Thank you very much Guruji for all your help!
~ Boomija, Bengaluru



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