Prosperity Yoga L-1: Double Your Income

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Prosperity Yoga Workshop Level-1: Double Your Income
Enjoy Seven Dimensional Prosperity!

“One who pursues materialism alone goes into great darkness,
One who pursues spirituality alone goes into even greater darkness.
Yet one who pursues materialism and spirituality side by side
(Like the two wings of a bird) is happy in this world and the next.”
~ Isopanishad

What is prosperity?
Word prosperity comes from its Latin root “prosperus” which means to be fortunate! To prosper is to thrive, flourish and be successful. For us, fortunate is one who has seven dimensional prosperity.

Seven dimensions of prosperity:
1. Physical: Health is wealth
2. Mental: Peace of Mind is Prosperity
3. Emotional: Positive Emotions for Inner well-being
4. Social: Enjoy better Relationships…
5. Spiritual: Be happy for no reason!
6. Financial: Earn to get basic needs, Enjoy safety and security, fulfil your dreams but understand the difference between need & greed.
7. Time: Do you have time to learn and grow and enjoy life?

What is Yoga?
Word Yoga comes from its Sanskrit root yuj which means to join.
Another meaning of Yoga is “Integrated Energy field”.

So what is “Prosperity Yoga”?
It is a system developed by Corporate Trainer and Spiritual Scientist– Guruji Prem Nirmal. Prosperity Yoga combines the art and science of seven dimensional prosperity using yogic techniques and Vedic insights. It has its roots in the science of cybernetics for material well-being and noetic science for changes at the level of consciousness in terms of vibrational frequency. Guruji Prem Nirmal uses cutting edge modern scientific research along with deeper insights from Vedic culture to create the magic of prosperity yoga.

Why prosperity yoga?
Most people are too busy with their job or business and focused on money earning most of the time, which is for basic survival need. Only a small percentage of population has gone up the ladder to enjoy the life and spare time for spiritual evolution. As our earth frequency is increasing, the time has now come that we seriously need to think of our spiritual evolution to move forward on the path. At present money earning is the top priority for most people as a part of ground reality and spiritual evolution is low on priority list. With the help of “Prosperity Yoga” we can settle our material needs and focus on spiritual evolution simultaneously.

Prosperity Yoga Weekend Workshop Level-1: Double Your Income

Details of Topics covered:

• Seven Dimensional Prosperity
• Knowledge – Skills – Attitudes with quantification exercises
• Top 5 Prosperity Skills
• Attitudes for Prosperity
• Four Natural Laws for Success
• Essential understanding of Laxami and Kubera
• Prosperity Meditation and Confidence building with Divine Sound Vibrations

• Change of Mindset for Prosperity
• Top 10 Secrets of Prosperity
• Understanding patterns and Re-patterning exercise
• Increasing PEVF – The top secret of prosperity
• Double Your Income
• Be an Enlightened Billionaire!
• Plan of Action for sustainable Prosperity

+ 5 Wednesday evenings for Prosperity Skills learning and practice sessions.
+ 2 Sessions of EB Club – Breakfast Networking meets at Hotel Fortune FREE!

5 Prosperity Skills: Communication, Public speaking, Selling, Networking, Time Management.
5 Wednesdays are on: August 26 & September 2, 9, 16, 23 Evening Timing: 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Day, Date and Timings: Saturday + Sunday 22nd & 23rd August 2015; 9am to 5pm on both days.

Investment: Rs.22000/- + 14% Service Tax = Rs.25080/- Includes stationery, training, tea/coffee and vegetarian lunch. Cheque to be drawn in favor of “School of Success and Happiness”
Venue: Tao, 210, Krishna, Laxmi Ind. Complex, Vartak Nagar, Pokhran Road-1, Thane (W).
(M) +91 96195 27572


Facilitator Profile:

Prem New (2)

Guruji Prem Nirmal is Holistic Counselor, Corporate Trainer, Kriya Yogi, Scientific Mystic and Enlightenment Educationist of international repute who has personally contributed to lives of thousands of people worldwide through his talks, seminars, workshops and spiritual retreats. He is founder of Tao Anand Spiritual Centre at Thane, Pyramid Ashram at Kalyan, and Enlightenment Education Societies and Om Prem Sangha world-wide.

He is the modern scientific mystic known for his cutting edge western scientific approach balanced by deeply insightful eastern wisdom. Guruji travels world over to conduct Prosperity Yoga, Kriya and Meditation workshops and Retreats. He is passionate about creating “Enlightened Billionaires”. He has introduced “Enlightened Billionaire” concept to more than 200,000 people in 10+ countries in last 10 years. He has conducted his signature workshops – “Prosperity Yoga” and “Enlightened Billionaire” workshops in all major cities of India and also at Dubai, Muscat, Nairobi, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Krabi, Bali, Manila and various cities of USA. For more information, explore: and or send a mail to

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Prosperity Yoga Workshop has opened my eyes to the amazing opportunities I have all around me in my life – just a change in my own attitudes and belief systems will help to create miracles in my life. Guruji Premji Nirmal’s simple way of teaching has made things so easy to understand, helping me grow as a complete Human Being and giving me clarity of my Life’s mission. I am now truly confident and super-excited of creating the magic and joy experienced during the workshop in my life. Learning in the presence of an enlightened Master is a blessing and I know I am truly blessed; it is an experience that should not be missed!! Gratitude to Guruji for bringing the change in me and my life……
~ Prithvi Bhatt (Research Scientist)

Prosperity Yoga workshop with Guruji Premji Nirmal is an amazing journey of self-discovery. Prosperity yoga gave us the tools to quantify the areas which we need to improve and also the techniques for a joyous journey of life. Secrets to double the income are fantastic and real!
~ Srikumar (IT Professional)

The word that aptly describes Guruji’s workshop is opening. He allowed me to open my heart, mind, and spirit to achieve what all humans are ultimately seeking: Prosperity and Happiness. Yes, both can and must exist! Guruji shares ancient secrets that pave the way to this destination. Increasing income is just a byproduct of this wonderful journey! This course is truly priceless.
~ Sanoop Luke, (IT Executive)

Very inspiring workshop! With Guruji’s guidance, I’m able to look at my blind spots directly. I’m now very motivated to implement the techniques I have learned in class and become prosperous in all the dimensions of my life. Money secrets shared by Guruji are priceless and very rare knowledge. Secrets to double the income are amazingly simple yet profound and very much practical too. I am highly motivated to walk the path and be happy in all dimensions of my life. Thank you very much Guruji.
~ Ping Keat Lam (Financial Analyst)

This Prosperity retreat has extended my meditation experience and expanded my understanding of living in Awareness. I have gained tools to gain in everyday situations that will increase my happiness and I have taken steps already to improve my basic skills for prosperity and promote growth of my prosperity. I have given and received feedback – feed forward on ways to achieve my life mission. Gratitude to Guruji and Guruma for their enlightening teaching. Good company, laughter and good food have been important components of the course.
~ Yvonne Tingle (Teacher)

The Prosperity Yoga Workshop with Guruji Prem Nirmal is a life changing experience! It has opened my eyes to the limitless-ness of human potential. The holistic approach is really what struck a note – it makes you realize how much you have to work on yourself to achieve what you want, and how you want it. And boy, it’s an uphill task! Thank you so much Guruji for making me grow in my understanding and awareness. I consider myself extremely lucky to have master like you to guide me in my life.
~ Trishla Selarka (Professional Services)

After attending the Prosperity Workshop, I could sense a huge rise in my confidence level and self-esteem. Looking back, I always thought I was capable of earning a moderate amount of income, and always limit my profit margin below market level, thinking that it would please customers and keep the relationship longer. Now I realize that I actually underestimated my potential and value because of past conditioning. I’m now determined to live life to the fullest by implementing what I have learned in this workshop.
~ Ng Phua Cheng (Businessman)

The Prosperity Yoga Program has shaken my old belief system. It is more powerful than a nuclear reaction. I feel rejuvenated and inspired to create a sense of urgency for me to improve in life. Enlightener Billionaire concept and methods are Explosive, thought provoking, and transformational. I will never be the same again. Thank you very much!
~ Basant Pandey (Area TA Director – Asia Pacific and Japan)

Prosperity Yoga workshop was highly introspective. It has helped me to understand my blind spots, and the ways to get out of them. I also like learning about Kriya and practicing it. I found it simple and easy to practice. It is definitely a very helpful course, and I hope to achieve prosperity in all seven dimensions. Thank you very much Guruji for opening my eyes to wonderful possibilities to grow in all dimensions of life without any conflict.
~ Preeta (Personal Trainer)

From a transition to transformation this is the journey I transcended. The understanding of the 7 Dimensions and 5 Prosperity Skills to hone on has been an eye opener. A paradigm shift in understanding my life mission, and taking the next big step has been initiated. Guruji you are the epitome of “Tamso maa jyotirgamaya” (Lead us to light from darkness). Thank you very much for many more such moments of learning, growing, transcending.
~ Amish Shah (IT Professional)

It has been an eye opening experience to really understand the seven aspects of my life, and how I have shaped them so far. Guruji Prem Nirmal has a way of throwing light on your beliefs and conditionings that are holding you back – and immediately showing you the way to create what you want. I’ve really found how to address my skills and deficit areas in the financial, spiritual, and emotional dimensions to create my own path. Looking forward to the next session, and tracking my progress.
~ Anoop Manghat (Media Executive)

Prosperity Yoga workshop has been yet another life enriching experience. There has been massive learning. For me, the major takeaways are rejuvenating through few simple exercise, things to work upon (ie 5 basic Prosperity Skills), which is an urgent priority now. I am now clear about my passion and my ‘Life Mission’ and absolutely ready to invite 7 Dimensional Prosperity. Than you Guruji for an awesome experience!
~ Kajal (Director, Avance Singapore Consultants)

What a tremendous return on investment. Prosperity Yoga with 7 Dimensions of prosperity is a milestone in my life and an extraordinary breakthrough. There is a before and after. I was coming in a state of misery, intense unbearable questioning, looking for answers to my questions, lost and insecure. And Guruji has gone far beyond my expectations with his fast track simple, humorous, straight forward, and illustrated methodology. I have filled my toolbox with invaluable insights, tactics and strategies which will be the foundations of my accelerated learning, understanding, growth, development, and ultimately an want to be an Enlightened Billionaire. I am so thrilled and grateful, so excited and eager to start implementing his teachings and wish they could benefit everybody. If you have to invest in yourself, this is an extraordinary experience.
~ Candice Meyer (Brand Image and Communications, Asia)

Prosperity Yoga workshop was a big eye opener to me. It was a great opportunity to have a glimpse of prosperity in a holistic way, covering all the 7 Dimensions of life. Quantification exercises helped me to see my patterns. It was so scientific and helped me to identify my strengths, and also an avenue to see clearly the development areas which I could convert into my strengths and progress. Looking enthusiastically to implement the learnings and make a marked difference in my life. Thanks to Guruji for patiently teaching me, and hand holding me. Inspired to hone the 5 basic prosperity skills and move towards my life mission to be an Enlightened Billionaire!
~ Padmaja (Software Professional)

I’m motivated to perform at my peak so that I reach the highest in all the 7 Dimensions of prosperity. Guruji’s systematic and scientific approach, depth of explanation of various processes and techniques have helped in removing many of my negative patterns. I’m extremely happy and offer my love and gratitude to the master – Guruji Prem Nirmal for his wonderful effort, methodology, direct transmission, shaktipat and shivapat sessions to awaken me & lead me towards light.
~ Prasannavadan (Market Intelligence Manager)

This journey with Guruji has helped me look at life and understand how to live life 360-degrees. Now that I know how to grow in 7 Dimensions, I feel joy radiating from within, and a desire to include and encompass all in this joy. Thank you for leading us from darkness into light. Happiness always.
~ Anupama Shah (Teaching Specialist)

I’m very happy and satisfied by the prosperity workshop teaching by our beloved Guruji. During the past two days of my learning on 7 Dimension prosperity; I’m able to find out areas of my life which need to be improved. And surprisingly there are very easy and proven methods given by Guruji which can improve all the areas effectively if practiced sincerely. With insight into analysis of my own current state, I’m easily aware of areas to be strengthened. I offer my gratitude to Guruji and all the participants who made it possible for me to enjoy such a wonderful workshop, which will definitely transform my life in a big way.
~ Roopal (Forex Trading & IT Consultant)

The ultimate of our life is to live in a state of bliss. Prosperity yoga workshop is one such platform, which shows us the path to reach to our goal. It shows us that reaching a state of fulfillment is easy. The only thing required is to break the boundaries and limitations that we have set for ourselves.
~ Nidhi Sood (Aspiring Writer)

I learned that there are multiple perspectives of happiness (the 7 Dimensions), and that we need to grow in all. There is a systematic method to identifying gaps in our dimensions, and also there are simple exercises that can help us improve in each. There are more aspects that can possibly help me in my personal progress. I’m interested in the scientific validation of the Kriya and meditation towards whole brain awareness and happiness. If this really miles it will be a milestone in converting many to the path of enlightenment.
~ Vivek (R&D)

Be enlightened and be happy is a goal for many people in life. In guidance of Guruji Prem Nirmal we learned the 7 Dimensions of Prosperity. We have learned holistic exercises and breathing techniques to become more aware about ourselves, our needs and our surroundings. Guruji gave us a very helpful guidance to improve on all the dimensions of prosperity. Apart from this, we learned that we are always connected with the divine. We are all one with God. Viewpoint of looking at people and the world is a new dimension. The knowledge breaks the old belief system, learning, and earlier programmed things about society and world. We are now in new light and understanding. Thank you very much Guruji.
~ Harish Tarleja (Businessman)

Prosperity Yoga – Double Your Income – is an inspiring workshop that has given holistic understanding of 7 dimensional prosperity for a human being to evolve in all aspects of life. The ultimate understanding is to understand your life mission and be happy pursuing it. A fantastic and awesome workshop. I am motivated to be an Enlightened Billionaire! Thank you very much!
~ Shankar (Semiconductor Executive)

Guruji’s teaching has inspired me! It has enabled me to identify and understand my blind spots. It encourages me to let go of my ego and come out a winner in the challenging situation. By implementing the teachings, it can change my life for the better – having perfect health and living blissfully.
~ PC Lam (Director, Import & Export, Textile Fabric Sales, Marketing)

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