Pranapat, Shaktipat, Shivapat – The essence of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga

Pranapat, Shaktipat, Shivapat – The essence of Kriya Yoga

We are almost hypnotized by modern medical science to think that we are physical body. But the fact is every human being is a seven body system. From gross to subtler to subtlest the sequence of these seven bodies is as follows: Physical – Etheric – Astral – Mental – Causal – Cosmic – Nirvanic. All these seven bodies are interwoven and it forms various ellipsoids around physical body which can be seen by a clairvoyant person and can also be photographed by modern Kirlian cameras. The second body which is touching the physical body is called Etheric body which is made of Prana hence it is also known as Pranamaya Kosha or Pranic Body. When we touch upon this body, we get the experience of Prana Shakti. This experience is known as Pranapat. Some simple Kriya exercises when done properly can immediately induce this experience in a very simple manner. Pranapat experience has many advantages such as healing of physical body, removal of stress, depression, anxiety etc.

When we develop our awareness of breath we can see that most of the time, one of the nostrils is dominant and the other one is slightly blocked. Left nostril is known as Ida naadi or Chandra naadi while right nostril is known as Pingala naadi or Surya naadi. Breathing through left nostril creates coolness in the body while breathing through right nostril creates heat in the body. When both these nostrils are perfectly balanced, it opens the middle path known as Shushumna naadi. When the Kundalini Shakti rises from Muladhara Chakra, it pierces other five chakras (Swadhistan – Manipura – Anahata – Vishuddhi – Agya) and opens the Sahashrara chakra. This free flowing experience of Kundalini Shakti is known as Shaktipat. Such Shaktipat experience helps to balance various hormonal secretions from endocrine glands which help to create holistic health. It also cleanses various subtle bodies and prepares a seeker for higher journey on the path to enlightenment. When we do the practices of super conscious meditations in the presence of an enlightened Master, Shaktipat happens on its own accord.

When our subtle bodies are cleansed and the awareness grows further with deeper meditation, awareness expands on its own accord. This is thoughtless state of consciousness with expanded awareness. This is Shivapat. This is enlightenment. This is also the “Guru –Kripa”. This is a “Stateless state” in which Guru resides and by being with a Guru, a disciple who is ready for the higher journey gets a glimpse of it. For a disciple, it becomes Satori experience that motivates him to walk the path with greater confidence. Shivapat experience just happens by being with a Master! 13 chapters of Tripura Rahasya repeatedly hammer home the same point, emphasizing the presence of the Master for such an inductive or synchronistic experience!

Q: What is the difference between Shaktipat and Shivapat?
Prem Nirmal: Shaktipat is “Energy Transfer” from Master to Disciple. At lower level it is Pranapat. It elevates your Prana-Shakti and you gain health. At times, few Shaktipat Masters open the chakras with Shaktipat but the real Shaktipat awakens the Kundalini and it is rare! Masters who can handle Kundalini awakening of individuals are rare and those who can do such experiments at mass level are rarest!!

Shivapat is NOT “Energy Transfer”. Shivapat is all about Master sharing his own Enlightenment with the disciples by instantly raising them to newer dimension of awakening. Shivapat experience will take you to higher levels of Awareness and will help you to walk your own path in true sense. Through Shivapat experiences when Master shares his Enlightenment, disciple gets it as Satori experience! Satory experience is a glimpse of enlightenment. It becomes permanent when you listen to words of the Master and remain in the higher understanding which is your own! All of you who have attended Aura Workshop have seen the magical effects of Shivapat. How instantly it elevates your awareness and the effect is you actually start “seeing” with two eyes! In genuine spirituality there is no component of imagination. All those who focus on “Third Eye” they are not seeing, they are hallucinating! When Kundalini rises up to third eye; one starts hallucinating. It’s only when the wisdom eye opens, hallucinations stop! This is proven scientifically and also statistically. And the most important point here is – unless your awareness grows, you will never be able to differentiate between what is real and what is hallucination. Most seekers today are caught-up in “Mind Games” because they do not have right methodology of “Awareness Development”. Path to liberation is not through the hallucinations of third eye; it is through awareness development with understanding.

All those who are running after “Experiences” let us have right understanding of this very experience. The very nature of “Experience” is such that it cannot last forever! Hence do not hang on to your old experiences. What you are hanging on is only the “memory” of that experience and not the real experience! In fact, hanging on to the memory of an experience becomes hurdle to have further experiences! Consider all experiences as passing phase! All experiences belong to the “Experiencer”! And who is the experiencer? Ego is the experiencer! When you have no more experiences, that is the real experience (Anubhuti)! No experience is sustainable. Only Understanding is sustainable. Learning the scriptures is necessary to develop the understanding. Only those who have systematic learning approach and do appropriate Sadhana grow on the spiritual path. This way you develop your “Experiential Understanding”.

Master’s presence is a blessing of life. In the presence of the Master, the growth is fastest. First thirteen chapters of “Tripura Rahasya” consistently convey this message! Gurudev Dattatreya helps the disciple Parshuram on the path to enlightenment in his own presence! Parshuram is considered as Vishnu’s Avatar. If a Vishnu’s avatar needs a live Guru, what about you and me? Other Vishnu’s avatars Rama had his Guru in Vashishta Rishi. Krishna had Sandipani Rishi as his Guru.

I have tremendous Gratitude for my Master Sri Dada Gavand in whose presence the light of awareness – Enlightenment – happened. Sri Ranjit Maharaj who taught me to fly in “Vihangam Marga’ (The Way of a Bird). I understood secrets of “Pashupat Shaivism” by being at the lotus feet of Himalayan Yogi – Yogiraj Amar Jyoti ji. Learning in the presence of a live Guru – what a blessing of life!!!

All my friends who are seriously interested in learning – here are few insightful landmarks from my own life.

1) The first level of understanding happened to me by learning Bhagvad Geeta and Vedanta (various Upanishads) from Swami Chinmayananda. This is the understanding of 25 elements. This phase helped me to become a sincere seeker – a mumukshu.

2) Next level of understanding happened by being with a very unorthodox Master Sri Dada Gavand. He helped me to be more attentive and the light of awareness grew leading to enlightenment.

3) Third level of Understanding happened by being with Sri Ranjit Maharaj. He taught to fly in Vihangam Marg – A way of a bird.

4) Next level of Understanding happened through Shivapat experience given by Sri Lakshamanjoo Maharaj in astral dimension and 36 elements of Kashmir Shaivism were revealed and further higher Understanding happened that completed the jigsaw puzzle of my understanding!

5) Now the next level of higher learning of secrets of immortality is happening by learning Pashupat Shaivism with 46 elements. The journey continues… with understanding of Ikigai and research on Longevity.

Love n Light

Om Prem

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    What comment do I make? I am novice in this field. I learn, learn and learn & hope to achieve something in my short span of life. Gratitude Guruji Guruma