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Welcome to Om Prem Sangha Conscious Community. We use modern technology for mass awakening. Our vision is 10 Million Buddhas… Kalki Consciousness has started functioning at the end of Kali Yuga through modern technology for mass communication.

Here, through “Conscious Contemplations” on daily basis, you will learn to become more aware within and operate out of that awareness in the world outside, to spread love and light for liberation.

Aim and objective of “Conscious Communities”:

1) To create awareness of awareness that leads to Self-realization.
2) To operate in this world with congruence in thoughts, words and deeds.
3) Practice simplicity, humility, honesty and nonviolence.
4) Never to kill or consume birds, animals and sea creatures for taste of tongue.
5) Protect environment, heal mother earth and leave the legacy of a better planet for our future generations.
6) Live life with higher values, be happy and spread happiness.

Come! Together, let us create heaven on earth now!


Prem Nirmal

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  1. Posted by Prem Nirmal on July 8th, 2014, 10:38

    All friends and members of “Conscious Communities”…
    You are welcome to write your suggestions / comments to enhance effectiveness of Philosophy and working of “Conscious Communities”. ~ Prem Nirmal