Nirmal Kriya


“Nirmal Kriya” is a simple, easy to practice breath work developed by Living Enlightened Master & Scientific Mystique Prem Nirmal with guidance from Babaji, for the modern man to eliminate stress and negativity instantly and fill you with positivity and harmony. “Nirmal Kriya” helps you to heal from within at the deepest level and it helps you to dive deep into meditation.

There are basically two types of “Nirmal Kriyas”.
1) 25HB [ 25 Healing Breaths ] Nirmal Kriya and
2) 49HB [ 49 Healing Breaths ] Nirmal Kriya

Advantages of “25HB NIRMAL KRIYA”:

Preliminary immediate benefits of “25HB Nirmal Kriya” as reported by thousands of participants:

1) It reduces stress levels dramatically in a very short duration.
2) Vitality levels improve immediately.
3) “25 HB Nirmal Kriya” puts you in positive & joyous state of mind.
4) It helps you to have positive health and wellness.
5) It helps you to improve the quality of sleep and have more energy.
6) It helps in releasing limiting thoughts, beliefs and negative emotions.
7) It significantly increases your overall sense of well-being and inner peace.

Secondary Long-term benefits of “25HB Nirmal Kriya” as reported by participants:

1) It helps eliminate stress induced dysfunctional feelings and behavior including anger, depression, fear, anxiety etc.
2) It creates healing of emotional trauma.
3) It dramatically improves EQ (Emotional Quotient based on Emotional Intelligence)
4) It helps you to recover from all addictions more quickly and easily.
5) It slows down the aging process by eliminating the harmful effects of stress.
6) It improves your vitality levels which results in over all sense of well-being, health and happiness.
7) It dramatically accelerates mental, emotional and spiritual growth.
8) It helps to develop the ability to connect with people (because of increased intuition) that helps in creating successful and loving relationships.
9) It helps you to improve personal effectiveness, creativity, and ability to take key decisive actions and thus enjoy life to the fullest.

“49HB Nirmal Kriya” has multifold effect. It helps in detoxing, (removing toxins from body-brain system) energizing, healing and awakening your Prana-Shakti. Doing “49 HB Nirmal Kriya” consciously helps to heal our self defeating patterns at sub-conscious level. It removes deep seated emotional issues. After doing “49 HB Nirmal Kriya”, you feel something has changed deep within you. You also feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

The biggest advantage of “49 HB Nirmal Kriya” is… It helps in creating “Nirmal Sthiti” within from where the quantum jump in meditation happens. Millions of people world over are struggling to enter the state of Meditation. “Nirmal Kriya” ends this struggle instantly!

“Nirmal Kriya” can be repeated during any time of the day. You do not need any cassette or gadget for doing “Nirmal Kriya”. You do not need to travel to join a group and you do not need any outside teacher once you have learnt it in a right way. “Nirmal Kriya” can help you to come out of your negative emotions if practiced at the onset of such negative emotional states. For example, if you feel that depression is just happening, immediately practice “Nirmal Kriya” and it will disappear! Such is the magic of “Nirmal Kriya”!! Many such cases are reported and proven scientifically.

Ultimately, “Nirmal Kriya” is to lead you to the state of enlightenment. As you do more and more “Nirmal Kriya”, your cellular level changes will create a new YOU. With regular practice of “Nirmal Kriya” followed by Six Step Nirmal Dhyan; you are reborn! Through your commitment to practice “Nirmal Kriya” and Nirmal Dhyan on day to day basis, which is to focus on emphasizing the positive, you will increase balance in your life. That balance is the basis of wholeness and fulfillment. “Nirmal Kriya” is a simple balancing technique that is also a powerful tool for life transformation!

~ Guruji Prem Nirmal

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