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Learning difficult

Today morning pondering: 08.08.2016

Everyone has a set of problems. With time, few amendments may happen, but set remains. Why people face same or similar problems again n again?

We all have patterns of thinking and behaving. Very few people on planet earth are aware of these patterns. If you are aware, you can relate your set of problems to these patterns.

Those who learn, they can change the patterns and come out of problems. Those who do not learn, continue to suffer life after life. It is said, it takes about 500 lifetimes on planet earth in human body to understand this fact. And it takes about 200 more lifetimes to implement it!

Why learning is so difficult for so many people? May be, non learning is a very strong pattern that has become rigid in human consciousness.

May all beings learn n grow.

Om mangalam bhavatu.

~ Prem Nirmal

Thursday August 4, 2016

Today morning pondering:

Something amazingly extraordinary phenomena is happening on planet earth with its Schumann Frequency raising. Current Frequency is great amplifier of whatever we feed. Now you can see, those who entertain negativity within, it gets amplified and those who are entertaining positivity, that too is amplified to get even better results.

I propose, we learn “Miraculous Thinking” in these times and allow Miraculous to be amplified. We can get extraordinary breakthroughs with this approach.

For last few days, we were seriously working with kids and developing their “blindfold skills”. As we think Miraculous and help them think on d same lines, they have started producing Miraculous results.

Even adults have started doing blindfold activities. More of it will happen as we focus on Miraculous!

Om swastir bhavatu…
Om mangalam bhavatu…

~ Guruji Prem Nirmal

Today’s Conscious Contemplation: Think Miraculous and get Miraculous results!
~ Prem Nirmal


Today morning pondering: 23.07.2016

How to make life more joyful, more meaningful…

Life is a movement, it offers opportunities… How best we make use of these opportunities depends on our

1) Awareness
2) Life Priorities
3) Conscious Choices

Most people mess up life because of wrong priorities. To choose right priorities, we need to align our choices with our Life Mission. Once we know our life mission and align our life energies with mission, everything falls inline and joy and meaningfulness is natural outcome of it.

Conscious Contemplation for Today:
Find your life mission. Align your life energies with your mission to find joy and meaningfulness!
~ Prem Nirmal

Joy n Meaningfulness

Today morning pondering: 21.07.2016

Guru Kripa hei kevalam!

All that happens, happens by grace of the Master.

Yes, it is the profound truth we learn on the path of Kriya Yoga.

Let us understand, how grace happens….

The fact is grace is happening all the time, but we are unconscious by being busy with mundane so we do not receive it.

But it is possible to receive grace consciously by…
1) Learning
2) Meditating
3) Holding no thought zone for 39 minutes
4) Being with Master, in his energy field…
5) practice of scriptural understanding
6) Intense devotion (Bhakti)

Grace happens on those who are humble n simple, who are intensely aware in each moment and keep on upgrading their higher understanding as it comes with Awareness practice.

Conscious Contemplation for Today:
All possibilities open up with the GRACE by being aware, moment to moment.
~ Prem Nirmal


Today morning pondering: 20.07.2016

There are two major paths to enlightenment… one is Meditation, another Love.

Meditation is for masculine personalities to start with, Love for feminine. But it is just the beginning…

Those who meditate more n more, will sooner or later will experience love in their heart. Those who love intensely, will get into Meditation…

Meditation and Love are two sides of the same coin. Choose anyone, and other will follow!

Love n Meditation2

Conscious Contemplation for today:
Meditation and Love are two sides of the same coin.
~ Perm Nirmal

Love n Meditation


19/07/2016 Guru Purnima message by Guruji Prem Nirmal

Dear friends,

Traditionally, Guru Purnima is time to visit our Guru and show respect and gratitude by doing whatever necessary to help in Guru-Karya. But in this tradition and also beyond the tradition is TRUTH of “Guru Tattva” that eternal element, we call “Pure Awareness” which is present in all Gurus irrespective of their body, gender, cast, community, nationality and traditions. It is this eternal “Guru Tattva” that we bow down to and respect and show gratitude to.

Guru Purnima is time to find that “Guru Tattva” within.

How to do that? Let us understand, who is a Guru? Where is a Guru?

That which is everywhere and ever aware is the substratum – all-pervading Consciousness which is true Guru of all. It is to be known – experienced – understood on the journey. When you know – you know that there is nothing to know! When you experience that – You know there is nothing to experience!! When you understand that ultimate, you understand that there is nothing to understand!!!

So, how does the awakening of Inner Guru happen?

It starts with witnessing which is the inner skill. Dispassionately, detaching from the flow of thoughts and just watching it without labeling the thoughts or judging the thoughts… is the beginning. With this you understand the trio of Drishta – Drishya – Darshan.

Witness is the Drishta – That which sees, the seer in you.

Thoughts are the Drishya – that which is seen.

The process of witnessing is the Darshan.

When this trio dissolves, the awakening of Inner Guru happens!

Witnessing or unclutching can never attain that! For dissolution of trio we need Awareness development. When awareness develops and you become aware of the trio… the miraculous process of dissolution of trio begins! As you grow in awareness, the first thing is thoughts reduce to minimum and as you continue, you get in to no thought zone. Here, the Drishya has disappeared!

As the Drishya (thoughts) disappears, there is nothing to see, hence the process of seeing also stops. With this Darshan has dissolved!

Now only Drishta remains. In this state, when awareness and intensity grows further, in an unknown moment, awareness becomes aware of itself. With this Drishta dissolves! This is called witnessing without witnessee.

What remains, is all that is. That which is ever aware of itself and fresh in each moment! This is the Inner Guru.

Those who are sincerely interested in enlightenment can walk the path by getting rooted in witness consciousness. But, that alone is not enough! The trio of Drishta – Drishya – Darshan has to dissolve! Witness has to dissolve in “Pure Awareness”! Witnessing without witnessee is the essence of Sadhana. Graceful acceptance of your divinity in humility is a must for sustained enlightenment. Remembrance of that which you are is also good to sustain enlightenment. As long as experiences are there, the experiencer is there! Enlightenment is experience without experiencer! “Know” and be happy! As you “Know” all doing dissolves in “Being”. Beyond “Being” (atma) and “Non-being” (Anata) is “Pure Awareness”. You are that! Doing or non-doing does not help as you are already that! Just “Know” it and be happy forever! Those who “Know” they dropout of circle of birth and death. This is living liberation!

“Know” = Experiential Understanding
Experience experienced by experiencer = Anubhav
Experience without experiencer = Anubhuti
Enlightenment is Anubhuti and NOT anubhav!
“Know” it and BE HAPPY!!!

May your Inner Guru awaken within you on this Guru Poornima!
Love n Blessings
Prem Nirmal


Conscious Contemplation for Today: Get rooted in witness consciousness. Now ask, who is this witness? Become aware and find your “Inner Guru”!
~ Prem Nirmal

Today morning pondering: 18/07/2016

As the intensity of witnessing is growing, mind suddenly becomes silent and expanding awareness takes over… along with chirping of birds, far away sounds are also within the range of awareness. As the sensitivity grows, cool lunar frequencies are felt by the body. It seems to be the effect of moon about to bloom fully!

Moon influences mind. It also represents feminine energy. Human beings need to absorb more of this lunar – feminine energy to invoke the divine feminine within!

The masculine had been ruling the world for so long and see what mess has it created. So many wars, hatred, doubts and devastation. There seems to be no sanity in this world.

Let us give divine feminine a chance. Let it nurture the wonderful qualities of love, joy, sharing and caring. Let divine feminine teach the children how to be a better citizen of the world. Those who are born out of love and blossom in love will surely not opt for war! There is a hope for this world to awaken to a new spiritual order and balance.

This unconditional love that arises in the deepest recesses of the heart, is a wonderful happening. It happens to male as well as female. This is the divine feminine we are pondering over. Let us give it a chance!

Conscious Contemplation for Today: Let us allow divine feminine to blossom in our hearts to nurture this world with unconditional love and allow it to be born into a new spiritual order and balance.
~ Prem Nirmal

Today morning pondering: 17/07/2016

Our doings (through thoughts, words, deeds) are stored in our mind as psychic impressions, known as karma. Collection of all past karmas in seed form (Karmabeej) is the godown of Sanchit karma. Any one of it pops up and starts giving fruits (Karmaphal) is called Prarabdha.

“Buddhi karmanu sharini”

Our thoughts are prompted by our karma. Hence everybody thinks differently based on one’s own belief system.

“Karma buddhyanu sharinam”

Whatever we do is based on our sense of discrimination…

All human beings are caught up in this vicious circle of Karma.

Those who receive the GRACE of the master, their sanchit is burnt in the huge fire of Gyanagni and they become free of this vicious circle and enter the precious circle. Such disciples are no more bound by their karma. They create their own destiny. moment by moment through conscious choices!

Our psychic impressions form our belief system, our Subconscious equations and identifications. These are the things that govern our behaviour!

Many modern behavioural scientists are working at the level of “Belief System” to bring about changes in human behaviour and it is producing results but in a limited way… if we go deeper to the level of sub conscious equations and identifications, results are better but nowhere nearer to Total Transformation.

Total transformation is possible only when we work at the level of Karma with development of Awareness and Understanding.


Conscious Contemplation for today: All human beings on planet earth are governed by law of Karma. Once we learn to delete our karmas, freedom is experienced.
~ Prem Nirmal


Today morning pondering: 16/07/2016

Today nature is silent with black clouds hovering over to pour anytime. Birds chirping occasionally…
The colours of plants are perceived with total vibrancy as mind is silent and awareness takes over.

Nature is ever fresh… flowing… changing and refreshing itself in every moment. So is this awareness within and all around that is the source of all activities of nature.

This awareness is such a potent state; it works at DNA level. It has the power to change DNA coding. Mental and behavioural patterns can be easily perceived with this awareness. It makes life easy and fun!

With Awareness, patterns changing is easy. Those who do not have awareness, cannot see the patterns and changing it is very arduous task for them.

I have seen people doing thousands of funny things in name of spirituality, while real spirituality is in developing this awareness.

When it can be done directly, why to go via other means?

Even those who are deeply into spirituality, at times, do not know these secrets and hence total transformation does not happen.

Those who focus on awareness development, total transformation is guaranteed.

Conscious Contemplation for today: Awareness development is the key to total transformation.
~ Prem Nirmal

Awareness Key

Today morning pondering: 15/07/2016

Everywhere, there is so much misery, pain, sadness… wonderful human beings suffering… Those who have eyes to see, those who can see through, will understand that suffering is optional.
Those who can understand the spiritual insight in a current situation and learn the lessons of life, need not suffer.

But, why majority of people are not willing to learn? Why do they prefer to suffer?
Avidya, ignorance is the root cause… shashtras say so. But how are human beings to understand that? Will they keep suffering? Is there a way out?

The way is in! It is a choice. Those who choose to learn will get it for sure… others can’t avoid suffering because it is their own choice! Human beings have freedom to choose and it seems, many people on planet earth have preferred to choose suffering…

Conscious Contemplation for today: Those who learn, jump the Hurdles of life swiftly. Those who don’t learn, suffer. The choice is yours.
~ Prem Nirmal


Today morning pondering: 14/07/2016

Now, during Meditation, in the depth of my being… feeling of oneness arises. Love is the natural outcome of this state. The feeling of all-one-ness engulfs the thoughts and mind is absolutely silent. Words are coming from beyond the mind state, mind as a slave is obeying the order to do its assigned job!

Love knows no boundaries… it is pouring in the same way rains are pouring outside!! It is healing this body and everybody around. It is so tangible, even plants and birds and animals around are also enjoying…
Those human beings around, who are too much into their heads, miss this. One has to open one’s heart and become lover to understand it.

Conscious Contemplation for today: All boundaries belong to mind. Love knows no boundaries! Raise your PEVF and go beyond all boundaries!!!
~ Prem Nirmal

No boundaries

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  1. Posted by Ramdas Tikamdas on July 19th, 2016, 07:24

    On this Guru Purnima day in the evening, the constellations in the galaxy are trully synchronised for illumination of awareness and understanding of Guru Tattva, ” that eternal element we call Pure Awareness” or the “all pervading Consciousness”. This is trully the time to consciously find the Guru Tattvs within with the Celestial Light (Surya) in the nakshatra of the Benefactor (Guru) in Punarvasu in the sign of Cancer reflecting Compassion and the full bloomed Moon (Mind) also in the nakshatra of the Celestial Light (Surya) in U.Ashada in Saggitarius all aspecting (greeting) one another. Guruji, your message on Guru Tattva is integral to the eternal silent call of the stars!