Money, Wealth and Indian Cultural Conditioning

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Money, Wealth and Indian Cultural Conditioning:


Last few months I had been counseling people from world over who had lost their job and some had to come back to India from foreign land because they lost job as well as visa… It had been extremely disheartening for me to note that my students / disciples, even after knowing the “Enlightened Billionaire” concept, had been entertaining “Limiting Belief System” about money deep in their sub-conscious mind. So, I decided to write this blog…

Let us understand, why we behave the way we behave? What is governing our behavior? Why we think negative when we can have a quantum jump? What limits our potential? Why there is so much struggle to actualize our potential? Why there is so much misery, poverty and unhappiness in certain pockets?

The answer is in our “Conditioning” and “Limiting Belief System”.

Let us understand, how this conditioning is received or imposed on us… point by point.

(1) Past Birth Tendencies: We are born fresh as a child but we also carry lot of past birth “samskara” (tendencies) which is part of software called “Mind” that enters the hardware called “Body” of a fetus. Those tendencies remain dormant but when certain situation arises, they play very vital role by puling our strings subconsciously through negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.

(2) Childhood Conditioning: (Parental Conditioning / Educational Conditioning / Social Conditioning) As a child whatever we receive from our mother is 100% believed by our mind and so, most of our parental conditioning come from our mother. Mother wants to protect a child from harsh world, so intention of mother is always good and never to condition a child negatively, but because it is not understood by a child, it sometimes becomes limiting belief if a person does not put efforts to understand and come out of it. What you were not able to do as a child, you are able to do now. So, why to carry those limiting beliefs of childhood, now that they are not relevant? Our ideas of earning money, property, investments etc. usually come from our father as well as mother. Those old ideas may not be valid in modern times, so why to allow those ideas to limit our potential, now? Our educational system is very limited and does not motivate us for holistic growth. Most people want university degrees only to get job and it has nothing to do with unlimited potential we have as a human being to develop! While relating to people around in our childhood, we also learn social conditioning, racial and linguistic conditioning and the “imprint” of all these “Childhood Conditioning” can be very heavy and negative at times!

(3) Cultural Conditioning: Wherever we are born and brought up, we get imposition of that culture on our mind and it becomes a major hurdle in becoming a universal human being. “To become more spiritual, renounce all material things” / “Material and spiritual can never go together” are very heavy conditioning of this land. Our Sanyasi Gurus have programmed us in favor of renunciation and against wealth creation. We as a country are still “developing” and are not a “developed country” because we as a culture do not respect wealth or resources that can help millions to enjoy better quality of life. I remember from my childhood how so many Sanyasi Gurus glamorized renunciation of all material wealth. Siddhartha, leaving his wife, child and wealth in search of Truth and becoming Buddha is so very heavily glamorized, while Buddha himself understood that it is not necessary to renounce the outside things… true renunciation is in detaching from within! In my childhood I have attended functions of Jain community where they take out procession of those people who prefer to become monk or nun renouncing all their wealth. Culturally we have glamorized “renunciation” too much while we really do not care to improve public facilities much, even today!


All these conditioning have created lot of sufferings for people while Bharat can lead the world with spiritual knowledge, technical manpower and innovative ideas. It is high time, we look into our own “Cultural Conditioning” and come out of “Limiting belief system” about money, wealth and spirituality.

How can we do that?

1) Systematic and scientific approach to “Holistic learning with seven-dimensional approach”
2) Individual / Group therapy work to come out of limiting beliefs and conditioning
3) Changing our culture by appreciating money, wealth and material world as much as we appreciate Soul, Spirituality and Buddhahood.


All these things are easily possible by understanding and promoting “Enlightened Billionaire” concept.

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~ Prem Nirmal


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