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Love – Light – Liberation

21 Layers of Understanding the process of Self-unfoldment,
Enlightenment and Liberation with Introduction to Pashupat Shaivism

“Love – Light – Liberation: Beyond the boundaries of Mind” is a unique residential retreat designed, developed and facilitated by Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharati Nirmal for Total Transformation of those who are willing to learn, change and grow to actualize the ultimate human potential. This program is based on the “New Knowledge downloaded by Guruji Prem Nirmal from Rishi Loka”. Guruji had been doing research in the field of Aura, Chakras, Akashic Records, Past lives, Parallel universes, Longevity and Physical immortality for past many years. He has 30 years of experience as Corporate and New Age Trainer. He has touched the lives of 100,000+ people through his talks, workshops, retreats, holistic health exercises and meditation sessions worldwide.

“Love – Light – Liberation: Beyond the boundaries of Mind” retreat is NOT about “Creative Visualization”, Imagination, Day Dreaming or an exercise to fantasize about future.

“Love – Light – Liberation: Beyond the boundaries of Mind” program is all about knowing oneself, one’s own unconscious patterns of thinking and behaving and changing it consciously to create a destiny of your choice! It also delves deeply in to “Law of Karma” and uses various “Instant Karmakshalan” methods to come out of the effects of past karma.

“Love – Light – Liberation: Beyond the boundaries of Mind” program uses techniques and processes based on the research work of Spiritual Scientist and Living Enlightened Master – Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal. The “Love – Light – Liberation: Beyond the boundaries of Mind” program essence is substantiated with rare and hidden scriptures such as “Tripura Rahasya”, Jivan Mukta Gita, Sri Vidya, Kashmir Shaivism, Ribhu Gita, and Pashupat Shaivism. It also uses various manifestation techniques derived from these scriptures and modified to suite the modern mind – to make it practical and user friendly.

“Love – Light – Liberation: Beyond the boundaries of Mind” program is designed to help you prosper in all seven dimensions of life as follows:

Seven dimensions of prosperity:
1. Physical: Health is wealth
2. Mental: Peace of Mind is Prosperity
3. Emotional: Positive Emotions for Inner well-being
4. Social: Enjoy better Relationships…
5. Spiritual: Be happy for no reason!
6. Financial: Earn to get basic needs, Enjoy safety and security,
Fulfill your dreams but understand the difference between need & greed.
7. Time: Do you have time to learn and grow and enjoy life?

“Love – Light – Liberation: Beyond the boundaries of Mind” – is 8 Days residential retreat for those who have burning desire to learn and grow! It has lot of FUN element while learning because of retreat format yet it is meant for sincere seekers for spiritual evolution.

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Day, Date, Timings:
“Love – Light – Liberation: Beyond the boundaries of Mind” Retreat starts at 10 am on 25th December 2014 and will end on 1st January 2015 after lunch.

Venue: Pyramid Ashram, Maha Ganapati Society, Kolum Village, Kalyan – Murbad Road, Dist: Thane, India.
Phone: +91 9619527572

Pyramid ashram is located away from hustle and bustle of the mega city Mumbai – amidst lush green forest on Kalyan-Murbad Road. The ashram is well equipped with tastefully designed Pyramid cottages ideally suited for meditation. Pyramid Cottages are surrounded by Mango, Guava, Chikoo, Cashew, Ramphal, Sitaphal, Banana, Papaya, Gooseberry (Aamla) and Mulberry trees that attract many birds and to be in “Expanding Awareness” is easy while listening to songs of birds! Pyramid ashram is designed to be an “International Retreat Centre” with a conference room with audio video facilities. Many participants from world over come to attend various retreats for intense learning. You can enjoy organic farm fresh fruits and vegetables, herbal drinks, veg. meals and learn from nature at Pyramid Ashram in silence or enjoy intense learning during various camps organized from November to March every year. During November to March, the day temperature at ashram varies from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius while night temperature varies from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. Pyramid Ashram has well designed Water tank for Karmakshalan Water Kriyas and has Yagya-shala for fire ceremonies. Energy of Pyramid Ashram is amazingly conducive for spiritual growth and hundreds of participants from all over the world have reported awesome healing and rejuvenation results in week-long retreats.

How to reach Pyramid Ashram?
People coming from Mumbai Airport can approach Akbar Travels Desk at Airport or pre-paid taxi service and take a vehicle for drop to Pyramid Ashram. People coming by train can get down at Kalyan Junction and take an auto or Jeep going towards Murbad, to get down at Kolum Village which is 14kms from Kalyan on the way to Murbad.

Those who want to drive down to Pyramid Ashram from Mumbai / Thane can take following rout: Mumbai Easter Express High way – Thane Toll Naka / Check Naka – Turn right over bridge to Nasik Highway – 15kms – Turn right at Kalyan Naka – Birla College – Over Shahad Bridge – Birla Gate (Century Rayon Company) – 12kms towards Murbad. Turn left at Kolum village to reach Pyramid Ashram.

(Pyramid Ashram is 70 kms from Mumbai Airport, 40 kms from Cadbury Company – Thane and 5 kms from Titwala Phata on Kalyan-Murbad Road)


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