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Dear friends, We are Celebrating Birth Centenary Year of my Master Sri Dadaji Gavand from 4th Sep 2017.

As a token of Love and Gratitude for my Master, we are publishing this short video:

“Is it necessary to have living Guru for Spiritual Progress?”

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Importance of presence of a Living Guru

Is it necessary to have a live Guru for Spiritual Progress?

The answer is both Yes and No and it depends on you. History shows that there are people who have progressed wonderfully on the path of spirituality; they themselves have become Masters without the presence of a live Guru in their life. There are lots of people who have become enlightened without doing anything, without the presence of a Master. Maybe they were ripe enough, they were mature enough, they had enough of past birth Sadhanas so they did not need presence of a live Guru for the last jump.

But for a common man the presence of a live Guru is a big blessing. You don’t know how to progress on the path. Someone who has traveled the path, who knows about it, can guide you. You can ask questions, remove doubts, and walk the path, and if there is some kind of handholding still better. But let me tell you, your attitude should be that you have to understand that you have to walk the path. Your Guru can guide you but it is you who need to walk. No one else can walk for you. That much attitudinal correction must be done.

Presence of a live Guru is definitely a blessing, if you have one you are a lucky person. These days genuine Gurus are not available. Most of the Gurus are so much focused on the organizational growth that they will not meet a common person. Many gurus have so many people, there is a hierarchy around them, there are layers and layers and you cannot meet the Guru. Many big Gurus as a matter of strategy don’t come down to meet the people. Sometimes even their disciples, their teachers cannot meet the Guru. So you need to have real punya karmas, virtuous deeds in your kitty of Sanchita to really get a genuine Guru who is available to you.

In my personal journey I got to meet real Gurus from my early childhood. I met J. Krishnamurthy at the age of 13. I met Swami Chinmayananda to learn scriptures. I had been with Acharya Rajneesh, Bhagwan Rajneesh, now well known as Osho. But my Master Shri Dada Gavand gave me maximum time. I cleared all my doubts with him because he was available, live and I think that it is the biggest blessing to get Guru like Dada Gavand who guided me so well. He removed all my doubts. Lots of hand holding was there. He literally pushed me to the final state. Of course the jump has to be your own, nobody else can do that. But a great Guru can really give you a push, that last push that is necessary.

So if you are a very mature person, a very advanced seeker, the answer is no, you don’t need a live Guru. But if you feel that nothing is happening to you, if you can find out, if you get a live Guru then you are lucky. Most of the genuine Gurus are not available. So change the attitude, walk the path, if you are lucky to meet a Guru on the way get your directions. Don’t get stuck to the physical presence of a Master. Don’t glorify the physical form of the Guru; it is detrimental on the path. When there is lightening in the sky and then there is total darkness don’t look at the lightening look at the path which will help you walk a few steps after the lightening is over. Guru is like a lightening, so when you meet him on the way, don’t look at the Guru, look where the Guru is pointing at, the Path. You will walk the Path wonderfully.

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