Enlightened Billionaire

Advantages of attending – year long -” Enlightened Billionaire” / Design Your Destiny online learning program by Dr. Premji Nirmal:

Abundance is our natural state but most human beings on planet earth are not able to experience it because of their childhood conditionings and limited belief system. Four modules of “Enlightened Billionaire” program are designed in such a way that it deals in detail with “Root Cause” of limitations and live pranic processes, mudras and guided meditations will help you experience to overcome that limitation and help you experience the flow and abundance of life. In this program we will be systematically working on our “Self-Sabotaging Patterns” and “Limiting Belief System”, “Sub-conscious Equations” and “Limiting Identifications” to come out of its grip and experience freedom and flow of life.

Money is energy! Money magnetism is science! Those who learn these two sciences (Noetic and Cybernetics), can attract abundance with effortless ease while those who do not learn, keep on struggling life after life. Many keep blaming their destiny… not knowing that we create our own destiny with our karma! Our past karma created our present destiny. Our present karma, will create our future destiny. Learning, attitudinal corrections, strategies and spiritual practices can change our destiny. Come! Design your destiny – The way YOU want! Be a part of “Enlightened Billionaire” movement. It has touched lives of 3,00,000+ people in 20 countries and now growing rapidly with online programs.

Details of Enlightened Billionaire Program / Design Your Destiny!

Module-1: 21 Natural Laws – WhatsApp Video Workshop – 21 Days (USD 30)








Module-2: Secret Millionaire Formula – 8 Zoom meetings of 90 minutes each; Twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays (One month) (USD 160) Starting from Tuesday August 4th 2020 6:30 pm








Module-3: Prosperity Processes for Money Magnetism – 8 Zoom meetings of 90 minutes each; Twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays (One month) (USD 160) Starting from Tuesday 1st Sep 2020; 6:30 pm








Module-4: Enlightened Billionaire – Ultimate Understanding for Actualizing Your Potential 16 Zoom meetings (One per week) – 4 Months (USD 320)








Follow-up Meets: One per month – 5 Zoom Meetings (USD 100)

Total Investment USD 770 / One-time Payment discounted rate USD 708. Please see bank details in visuals.

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