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Since the beginning of Guru Poornima, (12th July 2014) the energy surge had been fantastic. On Enlightenment Day it went up even high and that night had been fantastic for astral travel. It was very easy to move out of the body and do astral travel for longer.

We are in deep forest of Mangarai, Tamilnadu, South India. This spot is surrounded by mountains on three sides and all the mountains are covered by deep forest. Astrally I explored the area and found there are lots of caves in these mountains and many masters are meditating in these caves. I came across a Rishi who had been meditating there for more than 2000 years in astral dimension. He wanted to teach few things to me… what a pleasure of learning directly from a master!


The communication happened in the true spirit of Upanishads. He told me to ask question and clarify the doubts if any. This was my chance to grab the opportunity. Read the dialogue in detail…

Prem: Why there is so much suffering in this world?

Rishi: Because people are not yet ready to learn from their experiences. They are caught up in their wrong attitudes, and negative thought and habit patterns.

Prem: How do we help them to become aware of these aspects?

Rishi: If awareness levels are low, it is difficult for a person to understand these things… even if the person is suffering.

Prem: So, how do we increase that awareness which helps people to understand their wrong attitudes, blind spots and negative thought and behavior habits?

Rishi: It a particular frequency of this awareness that helps people understand this. It is difficult to describe but easier to give… Receive this…

(Rishi raised his right hand in ashirvad (Blessing) mudra and emitted rays from the centre of his palm on my third eye… I was absorbing that frequency of awareness… it was such a soothing feeling to receive that light. I was full of gratitude for this grace and naturally bowed down to the great master… It took quite some time to come back to resume the dialogue)

Prem: How do I use this wonderful gift you have given me to help people?

Rishi: Radiate this frequency through “Astral Transmission”. All those who are connected to you with love will receive it.

(I had received the knowledge of “Direct Transmission” few years back in one such encounter, and now this knowledge of “Astral Transmission” came, so it was not very difficult for me to understand. So I set down on an ashana (yogamat) in the cave and started transmitting this frequency of awareness in his gracious presence. It went on for some time and it was reaching to all those lovely people who are always willing to learn and receive the higher knowledge.)

(As I opened my eyes, I could see Rishi smiling in a gracious manner, and I got the feeling that job was well done! I bowed down to him and he blessed me with these words… You are learning well and you have amazing capacity to help others… Use this method for all those who have love and gratitude in their heart, and for sure they will receive it. My blessings are always there with you.)


With this I slowly went out of the cave and flew over the mountains and forest with great joy to get back in my physical body.

It was this transmission that you all received on the night of 13th July 2014. I will continue this “Astral Transmissions” for next three nights.

(On 14th morning I punched in following message to all my friends who are connected to me through WhatsApp groups as our daily “Conscious Contemplation”.)

Last night a major “Astral Transmission” of a specific frequency of “Light of Awareness” was done from deep forest of Mangarai, Tamilnadu to help you see your own attitudes, patterns and blind spots. Those who have astral awareness will get it consciously… others will receive it sub consciously. Everyone who is connected will be benefited. Stay in flow, stay tuned. Astral transmissions will continue for next three nights. To receive it, do Radhye-Krishna breathing with your hands on naval for 5 minutes before sleep and maintain astral awareness.

Om mangalam bhavatu!


Om Prem

(If you have any question or you want to share your experience, please write in the comments bellow. I will answer / comment as and when I get net connection in this forest!)

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  1. Posted by meeta ashish chheda on July 14th, 2014, 04:22

    Guruji nothing more to say than to work on myself. So much is being done in all possible manner by you and all the master. Guruji now it is time to work on myself intensely.
    Gratitude to you and all the masters

  2. Posted by Sejal Ajay Ghag on July 14th, 2014, 08:25

    Gratitude. For the past few days constantly feel connected. Also can feel the grace happening in many ways feel the surge of high energy being received.

    Now I understand how Gurus are working for changing the vibrations of planet earth.
    We all are grateful to Guruji and Guruma for preparing us to receive the grace……..

  3. Posted by sitanshu on July 14th, 2014, 09:13

    I will do radhe krishna breathing with my family .

  4. Posted by sitanshu on July 14th, 2014, 09:14


  5. Posted by Nita Dalal on July 14th, 2014, 09:41

    Wonderful Guruji! I was really feeling very happy from Gurupurnima day but I thought it is because it is raining for last 3days the climate is so beautiful , so I am feeling so much pleasant.Now I realized that it is our Mastrer’s work!!
    Thanks a lot!

  6. Posted by Arati Chonkar on July 14th, 2014, 10:09

    Thank you Guruji for sharing such a mesmerizing experience..No words can express enough..So simply bowing down to you Guruji..!

  7. Posted by Pradeep Samal on July 14th, 2014, 11:18

    I read your blog today; however I have been experiencing a sense of pattern recognition and urge for correction since last couple of days. Now I can correlate them to the astral transmissions. Thank you.

  8. Posted by saraswathi seetharaman on July 14th, 2014, 14:24

    Thank you so much sir! I shall do my best from my side to stay connected to receive the grace!

  9. Posted by Sonia on July 14th, 2014, 15:43

    Dear Guruji, Gratitude to you for your love and blessings. I did experience your blessing sent across Vancouver, Canada and I wish I could call you to share.
    My immense Pranams to Babaji, the Guru Mandal, and Gurumaa.

  10. Posted by Sasikumar on July 14th, 2014, 15:57

    Thank you Guruji for everything.

  11. Posted by Sandy on July 14th, 2014, 17:13

    Namaskaram Guruji. Wow! What a magnificent experience! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Feel blessed for being able to read this. Much gratitude, love and respect Guruji! Pranams.

  12. Posted by Vijaya Ingle on July 14th, 2014, 20:04

    Guruji , I am here in Germany and your graceful blessings are withme . here my each and everyday is like festive for me. I want to share my guru poornima’s experience which was so graceful for me. On Friday 11 July 2014 to holiday home to the Baltic sea. For meditation I went to the beach with my son. Here now days are long till 9.30 pm sun will not set. I was waiting for sunset n moonrise. It was late for us and no one was on the beach. So my son asked mama, what do we do – shall we wait? I said I will sit for meditation. I sat in the chair and infornt of me was the huge sea, beautiful colours in the sky and the sunset slowly. One red ray came to me which my son caught in camera and without any steps I had gone straight into thoughtless state till 10.20 pm. I slowly came out from meditation and it was 50 minutes. I was so energetic and I saw behin DCC the moon had already come up. It was sandhikal meditation. I was so excited , even though there was cold weather I still felt warm and after meditation I was shivering very much. It was an unforgettable experience for me. I remembered guruji and guruma and keep my head on their feet. Gurukrupa sarvartham.

  13. Posted by Chetana on July 15th, 2014, 04:16

    Gratitude to my Guruji & Guruma…thank you <3

  14. Posted by Vijaya Ingle on July 15th, 2014, 08:11

    Guruji Guruma pranam, thanks for your sharing expiriance abut Astral Transition from deep forest of Mangarai Tamilnadu. We are correlate and connected to receive the grace, following yr instructions by Radhye Krishna breathing with hand on neval at night before sleeping. Guruji we are greatful to you with heartful gratitude.

  15. Posted by Rajendra Gaitonde on July 15th, 2014, 09:00

    I have been hearing about Astral Travel from you, but to hear your recent Astral travel is amazing. We all in Om Prem Sangh Group are blessed with your Grace. I did Radhye Krishna Breathing last night, will be doing tonight and tomorrow night. Gratitude Guruji Guruma

  16. Posted by kanchan on July 15th, 2014, 10:40

    Pranam guruji n gurumaa i read the blog on astral transmission n did radhye krishna meditation yesterday thanks for guiding us all the time gratitude to both of you please keep showering blessings on us thanks a lot regards

  17. Posted by Prakash Sadanandan on July 16th, 2014, 15:49

    I bow in awe and reverence with Love and Gratitude, Guruji and Guruma and all the masters. Shivoham!

  18. Posted by Roma Biswas on July 18th, 2014, 11:19

    Namaste Guruji, I read this blog today. I always remember your words during the Karmakshalan Retreat – work on your attitudes n patterns which are hindrances to your spiritual progress.Don’t avoid learning. Since them I am constantly working on them being aware all the time. Guruji I have also once again started Kriya , Meditation and Agnihotra since I have come back. I always connect to you and speak to you through my thoughts. Believe me, so much of learning is happening every moment which makes me feel so happy and blissful within. Moreover due to God’s Grace, Guru Kripa and your blessings Karma kshalan is taking place automatically and unbelievably. I am so moved and thrilled to read this blog. I will do Radhe Krishna breathing from tonight and stay connected with you as ever. Pranam to you and Guru Ma and Gratitude to both of you for doing so much for all of us. I am really blessed to know both of you in person. I am always eager to hear from you and please correct me whenever you feel I am off track.Also eager to hear more about the mystical Mangrai.

  19. Posted by Ramdas Tikamdas on July 19th, 2014, 11:47

    Thank you Guruji , I feel as if you are laying an ‘astral escalator’ for us for a pathway to loftier dimensions. The most sublime metaphysical and mystical truths presented to us as if in a capsule pill , as in the 49 Healing Breaths and 6 step meditation , karmakshalan and awareness of Awareness. What a blessing ! Thank you.

  20. Posted by S vanapetchiammal on March 2nd, 2016, 18:35

    I wish to learn astral projection.please inform the classes schedule and fee details.