Om Prem Sangha

Om Prem Sangha

OPS Basics2

Om Prem Sangha: We stand for…
1) Householders’ Spirituality
2) Scientific Spirituality
3) Kriya Yoga and Meditation based lifestyle
4) Seven Dimensional Prosperity through Prosperity Yoga
5) Enlightened Billionaire way of living (Healthy, Growth oriented, Balanced approach)
6) Om Prem Wisdom Healing
7) Love – Light – Liberation for all

Guruma Bharati & Guruji Prem Nirmal had been working with thousands of friends worldwide and created a balance philosophy of life which is practical and life enriching. We are happy to share this point of view for all the members of Om Prem Sangha. These views are not imposed on to any one! The philosophy of Om Prem Sangha is open to debate and discussion. Your ideas and opinions are welcome in comments column below.

(1) Householders’ Spirituality: We practice and promote householders ways of living and spiritual practices. Bloom like a flower, wherever you are! No escapism from basic worldly duties to be entertained in name of Sanyas! (This point was discussed in detail in an International Retreat at Bali and a book is compiled based on talks in that retreat. This book on “Householders’ Spirituality” is edited and ready and it will be published soon as e-book first and print version will follow soon)


(2) Scientific Spirituality: Have a scientific temperament of working and avoid blind faith in anything. Experiment in scientific ways to find your own truth! Your body is your laboratory! Your first hand experiencing is your compass to move forward. Be open to different points of views for learning but follow your own scientific ways for flowering of human consciousness.


(3) Kriya Yoga and Meditation based lifestyle: Do your regular practice of Nirmal Kriya followed by 6 steps Nirmal Dhyan for increasing your PEVF (Personal Energetic Vibrational Frequency). Once in a week join a Kriya group to motivate and learn from each other. Relate to Kriya group members with love and respect to evolve as human being.

(4) Seven Dimensional Prosperity through Prosperity Yoga: We practice and promote holistic living. Prosperity is not just financial but it has to be seven dimensional. Prosperity Yoga is scientific way for us to get in to seven dimensional prosperity. Balance is the key!


(5) Enlightened Billionaire way of living (Healthy, Growth oriented, Balanced approach): All members of Om Prem Sangha are requested to get acquainted thoroughly with EB concept as it is major deviation from traditional thinking. Here is the link for further reading. Please post your queries and views for discussion of this concept on this link only.


(6) Om Prem Wisdom Healing: We need to heal our past patterns and walk the path of liberation. We practice and promote Wisdom Healing that works through Root Cause Therapy and heals deeply the unhealthy or self-sabotaging patterns in subtle bodies and illumination of causal body happens through light of awareness. We work on 49 components of Kundalini and illumination of 147 sectors of causal body (removing Blind Spots) to walk the path of liberation.

(7) Love – Light – Liberation for all: Guruji Prem Nirmal has done years of research for evolution of human consciousness. Awareness is the key for evolution of human consciousness. We follow systematic and scientific approach to awareness development.
Love cannot be cultivated! Love is the natural outcome of enlightened consciousness.
When we grow in awareness, we share our light of awareness with others with love and compassion.
No expectations from anyone and Non-attachment to outcome of our efforts is living liberation.
Living with Awareness is living liberation.
To know oneself as awareness alone is living liberation.
Action in awareness and awareness in action is living liberation.


~ Prem Nirmal

P.S.: You are encouraged to participate in this discussion by writing your comments below:

Here are more details of “Om Prem Sangha” philosophy and ways of working…

The prime purpose of human body is to experience the ultimate flowering of “Human Consciousness” through the process of Enlightenment and get liberated. To facilitate this process of liberation, Om Prem Sangha was founded in the year 2015 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a voluntary organization registered as “Society” and anybody can join this group without any differentiation of cast, creed, religion, gender and age. It’s simple yet profound philosophy is based on universal values such as “Unconditional Love” – “Light of Awareness” and life transforming enlightenment education and practice of meditation. “Unconditional forgiveness and Unconditional love for all” is our motto.

Four pillars of Om Prem Sangha – working Philosophy:
(1) Seva (Service Attitude): Serve all living beings with Unconditional Love!
(2) Shikshan (Enlightenment Education): Spread “Holistic Education” to all. Share wisdom with all. Teach meditation to all.
(3) Sadhana (Spiritual awakening practices): Meditate daily. Grow in awareness and understanding through meditation and right application of scriptural knowledge. Help everyone grow spiritually through Meditation and awakening practices.
(4) Sangathan (Coming together – Unification): Help everyone connect in divinity. Earth is one. Truth is one. We are one.

All the members of Om Prem Sangha – Society share the common bond of “Unconditional Love” and serve humanity. Members meet at various places once in a week to share group meditation energy and grow in Awareness and Understanding. Everyone here gets help to evolve in Awareness and Understanding through Meditation and other spiritual practices based on 21 Point Teachings of its founder Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal, who is Holistic Counselor, Human Trainer, Kriya Yogi, Scientific Mystic, and Enlightenment Educationist.

We love to share enlightenment education and help seekers walk the path of liberation by promoting “Om Prem Sangha” – “Conscious Prosperous Communities” worldwide.

Read further for details…

Om Prem Sangha – Conscious Prosperous Communities worldwide



Welcome to Om Prem Sangha Conscious Prosperous Community. We use modern technology for mass awakening. Our vision is 10 Million Buddhas… Kalki Consciousness has started functioning at the end of Kali Yuga through modern technology for mass communication.

Here, through “Conscious Contemplations” on daily basis, you will learn to become more aware within and operate out of awareness in the world outside, to spread love and light.

Aim and objective of “Conscious Prosperous Communities”:
1) To create awareness of awareness that leads to Self-realization.
2) To operate in this world with congruence in thoughts, words and deeds.
3) Practice simplicity, humility, honesty and nonviolence.
4) Protect environment, heal mother earth and leave the legacy of a better planet for our future generations.
5) Live life with higher values, be happy and spread happiness.

Come! Together, let us create heaven on earth now!

Prem Nirmal

You are encouraged to participate in this discussion by writing your comments below…

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  1. Posted by Arun Sharma on May 28th, 2015, 18:52

    There are two aspects in my life. One I lead before I met Guruji in Bali during householder spirituality session and another therafter. Earlier, Life was in default mode and Now it is in conscious mode. I am growing and developing right – Attitutes, Skills and Strategies for attainment of designer destiny through clear Vision and Life Mission, I am enjoying the journey and will surely reach the destination with Guruji’s blessings, guidance and coaching.

  2. Posted by Dr. Vaishali wavikar on May 29th, 2015, 02:09

    Gratitude to Guruji and Guruma for transforming our lives.sometimes we tend to get disillusioned about life inspite of having knowledge. Guruji and Guruma gave us the wisdom, clarity and courage to lead our lives and attract prosperity in all dimensions.I wish all the luck to the members of ‘Om Prem Sangha’

  3. Posted by Dr shobha k dudani on May 29th, 2015, 06:05

    Before I met you & guru Maa -life had no solutions to offer me – life was at a stand still – after i met you both in sum years – it was like sun breaking through a cloudy ( full with problems ) & a path clearly paved through – life became meaningful – my parents are comfartable , my husbands health, hence can afford sitting in peace & meditation – my daughters -2 are settled well & financially independent early in life, i am out of a major physical problem, hence comfartable – because of ur Grace GuruMaa & Guruji

  4. Posted by Ma Ritambhara Gurukripa on May 30th, 2015, 02:54

    When you are ready, the Guru enters your life, will pick you like a lotus, mould you with his Grace and eventually you become that . What a Blessing this is! He also gives me the grace to choose my own path. And if I am in Awareness, I not only experience his grace but also learn to transmit the same. Even in this Kali Yuga, I am so blessed, to have met my moksha Guru, All in one-one in All. Guruji & Gurumaa has not only taught me on various topics, but also showered me with both motherly and fatherly love. It is the most blissful and beautiful relationship I have ever experienced. When ever I am in the presence of my beloved Guruji and Gurmaa, I am complete. And I thank you Guruji and Gurumaa, for your Existence in My Life, for making me complete. I also thank all the friends that I have met ever since I was found in this Sangha. May Babajis’ Blessings be with All of You. With Affection & Gratitude – Ritambhara

  5. Posted by sarIaswathi seetharaman on May 30th, 2015, 10:36

    I am truely blessed to be in the midst & getting enogh opportunities to learn from such a wonderful masters
    Guruji Premnirmal & Guruma Bharthi nirmal.My life as well as of my family members has got properly streamlined, total clarity has emerged to take appropriate discision.we are continuously growing in all the seven prosperity dimensions.Thank you Guruji &Guruma for doing so much for us.

  6. Posted by Alpa Dalal on May 31st, 2015, 14:52

    The process of my transformation started three and half years back when fate brought Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharati Nirmal in my life .
    While walking on the path of transformation you will come across many difficulties and you have to struggle to continue the journey . I was blessed to have these two wonderful masters showing me the road map , guiding me and holding my hand when needed. It is so rare to find a master who can work on you with such intensity and compassion.

  7. Posted by Meeta A Chheda on June 1st, 2015, 04:14

    We all have heard of “out of the box” thinking .But after i met Guruji and Guruma the understanding i got from them is ‘do not try to think out of the box, understand that there is no box.’
    this is the tranformational thinking which transformed my whole life.
    And transformation happened in all the seven dimensions.

    My heartiest gratitude and love to both of my GURUS.

  8. Posted by Prakash Rao on June 1st, 2015, 04:51

    It has been a life transformation for me since I met Sir & Bharti Ma , 17 years back. Came to tao to join the library that served with alternate & true knowledge. Met Sir & was instantly connected. thru these years it has been A mix of intense learning & going away attend to life but what has remained is looking at life thru constant filters of householders spirituality. SIr & Bharti Ma inculcated the most appropriate way to live life thru various programs. Their selflessness has seen no bounds & their warmth is always reassuring.
    Thank you for your grace, guidance & blessing & keeping me on the path.

  9. Posted by Dipali Vaghasia on June 1st, 2015, 06:43

    Respected Guruji and Guruma,
    I experienced your teachings and you gave your heart in everything we asked. I am far away from enlightenment but I stand by appreciating your knowledge. You both abide by what you “say”. A path of “walk the talk”. And I have faith and trust in what you taught. Humbleness is one of the attributes of enlightenment. And I find that in you. You are reachable and available at all times.
    I am humbled and honoured to be your student.
    Thank you,
    In deep Gratitude _/|\_

  10. Posted by Purvi Dalal on June 1st, 2015, 15:16

    Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharati Nirmal, both have been guiding me at every step for the past one and half years to bring about such massive transformation in every aspect of my life!
    The intensity and dedication with which they are both working to make masters of us is something i hope I can inculcate in myself someday. Lots and lots of Gratitude for these two great masters!!

  11. Posted by Parag Jawale on June 1st, 2015, 17:14

    I’ve been blessed by Guruji and Guruma’s presence in my life. As Masters; their teachings, Understanding and practices are sure to bring entire Life transformation. My life had completely transformed after their guidance. Their methodologies gave me Understanding & Clarity in small routing tasks till Life Purpose.
    Both have not only transformed many of our lives, but trained many to become capable for creating more Master for humanity at large.
    Ever grateful to both Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharati Nirmal.

  12. Posted by Amish Shah on June 2nd, 2015, 03:08

    To all my Kriyabandhus, life has been a lovely journey ever since Guruji and Gurumaa have come into our lives and am sure the same is your feeling as an extended family. The teachings from the both of them have been an amazing experience, I remember the first ‘brahma vakya’ that Guruji made and it has since stayed with me – ‘learn to respond and not react in every situation that you are in’, I could see my transformational journey had commenced since then there is no looking back. I have been in extremely difficult situations and have been able to manoeuvre my way around by following Guruji and Gurumaa’s teachings. Indeed we are all blessed that we have such noble masters in our lives and they are approachable. The beauty is that they WALK THE TALK and TALK THE WALK, which reminds me about Guruji telling us time and again about keeping congruency in life by being the same what we are inside out and outside in, this will come about only when we are in sync with our THOUGHTS, WORDS & ACTIONS (literally in Sanskrit Mansa, Vacha, Karmana); this I think is the best definition of integrity and will bring about centeredness in our journey of living a well lived life and the spiritual path we walk on. This process of ‘Antakaranshuddhi’ will heal you in more than many ways and will give clarity of profoundness and your intuition and intellect will scale new heights.
    Guruji’s teachings on the Enlightened Billionaire and the souls ability operating at a high PEVF (Personal Energetic Vibrational Frequency) are a complete game change in our life, I have personally experienced big changes in my life on the 7 dimensional prosperity tenets. The healing process at the subtler levels, the ‘noise reduction’ around me, the creative ideas and the very fact that ‘there is no thinking out of the box’, it is thinking without boundaries that brings the quantum leaps and changes in our lives on all the dimensions.

    Keep learning, implementing and growing.

    Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara
    Guru Sakshath Parambrahma Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha.

  13. Posted by Falguni Pendharkar on June 2nd, 2015, 05:46

    With the guiding light of Guruji and Gurumaa I have been able to unfold the journey of self realisation such that they have become a lifetime G-P-S for me i.e GUIDE TO PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY.With his immense knowledge Guruji has initiated a discipline in me that in today’s world has helped me maintain the balance of life and keep on moving on this path of SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUALITY along with the daily routine. Feeling truly blessed to have such masters I pay deep obeisances to Guruji and Gurumaa for having touched my life with your love and blessings. Lots of gratitude for your consistent grace.

  14. Posted by Sejal Ajay Ghag on June 2nd, 2015, 11:52

    Gratitude to Guruji and Guruma for transforming my life in a very short period.This transformation happens because the very fundamental of their teachings is to work on yourself through making attitudinal corrections,coming out of your self sabotaging patterns and deep rooted belief systems coming out of your comfort zone and keep learning.Their teaching prepares you to enjoy your responsibilities as a house holder and grow in spirituality.As one understands the science and purpose of creation, there is a complete shift from mundane activities to higher learning. By the grace of Guruji and Guruma, life mission is also opening up.
    Gratitude to both of you for your guidance.

  15. Posted by Kamlesh Acharya on June 2nd, 2015, 12:05

    Pranam Guruji and Guruma!

    A lot of positive changes have happened in my life since my good fortune brought you both in my life.
    Every meeting of ours has been a Karmakshalan that helped remove clutter and confusion and gave me clarity. Quite a few blockages have been removed with your help either remotely or otherwise. Not to mention the self sabotaging patterns that have also been cleared or are on their way out.

    I thank you both for the most amazing transformation 🙂

    Kind Regards,

  16. Posted by Tushar on June 2nd, 2015, 15:38

    In the first photo at the top, Guruji and Gurumaa have listed some points, actually our ways of life, for what we are and what we stand for. I want to add one more point: “we are the GLORIOUS FUTURE of the humanity.”
    The way Guruji and Gurumaa have taught us and blessed us, gave the rarest of rare spiritual experiences for all these years, we are now fit for that Evolutionary Jump of becoming Super Human.
    I have been with TAO (Total Approach Organization), the first gift from Guruji to the world, for last 8 years. I am so fortunate to be part of the process of the “seed culminating into a giant tree”.
    From the humble Thursday-meetings at TAO-Thane, India to the spectacular International Spiritual Retreats all over the world, Guruji has given something new, something amazing to contemplate, practice and make of the daily life. Be it Nirmal-Kriya, Swara Yoga, Astral Travel, Aura-Kundalini Yoga, Karma Kshalan, Tripura Rahasya, and now the art and science of Nada Yoga through Tibetan Singing Bowls. Every time the experience was amazing.
    My background is in science-engineering and as a result I was left-brain dominated. I had habit of and further trained for, using brain more than heart, due to my profession. I had a spark in me about spirituality but it could not be ignited in right direction, due to the then social, economic and professional environment. Spirituality was limited to going to temples and chanting mantras. Nobody ever explained what was it for and what is true spirituality. In fact, even this thought never crossed my mind. When I was in US, the new age movement caught my mind and I was fully immersed into the scientific aspects of spirituality.
    when I first met Guruji, above was my background. There was respect for the person but no idea of what can happen in future, what are the possibilities, how much we can evolve as humanity etc. But then, after my first workshop of Aura Reading, I realized that “this the place and this is the personality I am seraching for whole life”. I got hooked to Guruji’s teachings of Scientific Spirituality. Then I just kept attending lectures and doing workshops. And that transformed me from “being a doomsday pessimist of 2012 ” to “confident dreamer of Physical Immortality and Golden Body Transmutation”.
    Even these words are not enough and appropriate to convey what I have become. I welcome everyone to join this Human Revolution of becoming Super Human. Guruji’s grace is always there to shower upon us. Let us become capable and worthy of that Pure Energy by practicing Guruji’s teachings.
    This is going to be a great forum to share the future of humanity.
    Let us be part of this. We are so fortunate to be part of the times that are shaping human evolution ! Let us contribute and make most of this opportunity.
    Love and Regards,

  17. Posted by Srikumar on June 3rd, 2015, 03:50

    I met Guruji & Guruma around 3 years back and it has been an amazing journey of self-discovery since then. My real spiritual journey started only after I met them as they made me look at life in all its dimensions and not only what I was comfortable with. Their practical teachings touches every aspect of life and their continuous guidance has enabled me to stay on the path. A real Guru is someone in whose presence you really feel uncomfortable as he throws light on the darkness within you but at the same time guides you with his compassion towards the light. Gratitude to Guruji & Guruma for their constant guidance in transforming our life.

    With love

  18. Posted by Tushar on June 3rd, 2015, 15:45

    to increase our PEVF (Personal Energetic Vibratory Frequency), there are several methods and tools available.
    I find 1) our Breath, 2) Light and 3) Sound as most understood and available tools.
    We are made up of the same material that is available in the Universe. Not just physical body, our emotional, mental, causal and higher bodies; every thing has come out of our own Universe. On physical level, we think of atoms, molecules, elements, compounds and all combinations of these. Similarly, on emotional level, there are feelings, wishes, desires, anger, lust, hatred and much more … Of course, love, compassion, pride, patience, strength etc are also there. These are again born out of our Universe. The nature of all these emotions is of different vibratory or resonance level than the physical things. That is why these are not seen, touched, smelled etc physically. But these sure are there and affect us. Similar is the case of mental level where thoughts, memories and similar creations exist and affect us. All these are creations of our own Universe.
    As we all know, our Universe is made up of all possible types of energies. Everything in the Universe is some form of Energy. tow of its forms are Light and Sound. It has been experimented and found out that Light and Sound have effect on all our bodies. Specifically, the vibratory rate of our bodies. It has also been experimented and found out that, the more our bodies vibrate, the more productive and happy we are. So various forms of Light and Sound can be effectively used to increase our vibratory frequency. Color therapy and use of certain neon lights of specific wavelength have been proved to improve our health and attain higher levels of emotional/mental states. Sound in the form of sacred chants, mantras, tibetan singing bowls, bells, solfagio music etc has also been found to increase our vibratory frequency.
    Our breath is a bridge/connection between our body and higher dimensions of Light/Sound/Other energy forms.
    So, using all the three, out breath-work, Light and Sound, we can increase our PEVF at a faster rate.
    Let us discuss and verify these and other possible sources to increase our PEVF. Because, that is what our goal is.
    To become a true Enlightened Billonaire, we need to increase our PEVF. Money and other resources are high energy forms. Unless we resonate with the high energy, we can not have and handle the money and resources.

    love and regards,


  19. Posted by Anurag Sahai on June 3rd, 2015, 16:54

    Due to Vigyana Avtar Braham Rishi Guru Ji Prem Nirmal and Karuna Avtar Guru Ma Bhariti I have become stress-free, confident, exactly know how to tackle my life situations and act in appropriateness, achieved the real meditation (going to thoughtless zone), becoming better in Householder Spirituality, Feeling the ever new bliss, found my life mission and creating new successful possibilities in my worldly & spiritual life. Reaching to the state where there are no two worlds (Highest form of Householder Spirituality).
    My Story goes like this:
    I was getting inspiration for Kriya Yoga initiation for last 6 years. But when I really got desperate I went to India to learn it but alas the masters were not available. I came back half hearted but in the same month I got the message from my friend that Guru Ji Prem Nirmal is going to conduct 3 levels of Kriya initiation in Singapore.
    When I saw Guru Ji he was not fitting in the typical frame of a Guru, which was in my mind. My friend touched his feet but I was not sure what to do. He gave me his hand for handshake. I shook his hand, as I will with any new person I meet. He also reciprocated as if I am his equivalent or friend. After I learnt Kriya Yoga from him I understood how humble he is to treat me as his equivalent or a friend.
    I attended different classes of Guru Ji and Guru Ma from last July 2014 till now. My growth in spirituality was revolutionized. Whether we are new to Spirituality of Old timers in Spirituality (like me) Guru Ji and Guru Ma revolutionized our progress. With this you can understand their level of Realization, Methodology and Training Techniques.
    Guru Ji’s approach is completely scientific and without any ambiguity. He explains things in the language, which is appealing to my highly logical engineering mind. Guru Ji and Guru Ma together cover higher and lower level of development of a student.
    Best part I like about Guru Ji and Guru Ma, apart from their above qualities is that, they are a treasure cove of knowledge and they share it without any prejudice. When I think I have learnt enough they open new door of knowledge.
    Guru Ji and Guru Ma are always available to guide us personally whenever we need them, which put them totally in a different league to other Gurus of these times.
    It is very difficult to put on paper what I have received from them. Their mere presence is enough to uplift a human being to vibrate at a higher frequency of existence. I bow to their lotus feet again and again (Shat Shat Naman for their Assem Akaran Kripa). Guru Kripa he Kevalam!!!

  20. Posted by Himanshu on June 3rd, 2015, 17:42

    “Association with the Wise one is the key to success”, is something that I had heard numerous times, but only experienced when I met Guruji and Gurumaa. In their presence I always have crystal clear clarity. Their simple, but profound words have a deep impact on my belief system, and motivate me to learn and grow. Within short span of time, I witnessed substantial change in my life. Lots of negative habits were dropped automatically. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and making me understand the real meaning of Gratitude.
    Namaskar to Guruji and Gurumaa.

  21. Posted by Yogesh Patel on June 4th, 2015, 02:58

    Namaste All,

    My name is Yogesh Patel , 35 years, residing at Bhiwandi, India. I am a Computer Engineer working in an IT firm
    (IndiaGames, Disney) for last 11 years.

    I am coming to TAO for last 7 years and in these 7 years, I have seen many miracles happening in my Life as well as in the lives of thousands of people. We all have been benefited by attending Shibirs and workshops at TAO, seeing videos of Guruji Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal on YouTube, reading Guruji’s posts on Facebook, reading blogs of Guruji, reading articles on Yahoo group, etc. I would really love to write the transformation that I have seen in my life as well as in general. The major changes in perception after coming to TAO is given in the table below –

    BEFORE & AFTER transformation :
    *Money is Evil ~ Money is Good.
    *Negative Attitudes ~ Positive Vibrant Attitudes.
    *Learning is boredom. ~ Learning – only way to get everything.
    *Either Enlightened or Billionaire ~ Enlightened Billionaire
    *I want Enlightenment ~ I is Gone & want is gone.
    *Worst Public speaking ~ Energy Communication.
    *Intellectual Understanding ~Experiential Understanding.
    * Anger, Hatred, Jealousy, Comparision ~ Love, Appreciation, Surrender, Gratitude.
    *Relationship Problem ~ Loving Relationships
    * Closed Behaviour ~ Open Behaviour

    I always used to wonder how so much changes can happen in such a short span of time and that too whosoever attends irrespective of their background. This is only because of Guruji Brahmarshi Prem Nirmalji and GuruMaa Bharati. All the Masters I have seen are Mystics, but here is the Master who is Mystic as well as Scientist, you can say Scientific Mystic. The Technology for growth of Conciousness has been refined and refined for last 25 years and it has now reached to the level that Enlightenment is Guaranteed in 6 days. And for today’s busy people, it comes to 3 weekends, which is not bad at all. Your mind must be having a doubt that this is not possible, as I had before coming to TAO. But I have seen Cancer patients getting healed in front of my eyes. I have seen people getting completely transformed, much matured, much open to changes after attending the workshops.

    Nowadays, all other Masters have grown so big, that they are really difficult to have one to one guidance. Without proper guidance, you cannot progress and reach to the ultimate Goal. But at TAO, I found a Master who is – EASILY AVAILABLE, FRIENDLY, SCIENTIFIC MYSTIC –( because of which such a beautiful Technology of Enlightenment Guaranteed has emerged), most Important of all, he is a GRIHASTHI and can understand the problems which normal Grihasthi’s are having and can provide the solutions accordingly.

    I am really Grateful to Guruji, GuruMaa, Babaji and whole Guru Mandala for their blessings. You can also Transform your life the same way. What is needed from your side is Learning Attitude, Willingness to change and a systematic approach to Learning.

    Love & Regards
    Yogesh Patel – +91-9029261592 (Whatsapp)

  22. Posted by Basant Pandey on June 4th, 2015, 13:54

    Meeting Guruji 2 years back was a major Turning point in our life, it has never been the same from that Moment onwards !!!

    I love the fact that he is a true Spiritual Scientist who continues to use variety of tools to help us expand our perspective, helps us question everything we do and encourages us to grow faster. Gurumaa, with her love and understanding helps us implement these learnings in pragmatic ways in our life. Best part is that being Engineers and successful entrepreneurs in the earlier part of their life, they know how to make such profound topics so easy to understand…every time we meet them, there is a shift in our consciousness.

    I no longer associate with the me of past as it sounds so alien…the beautiful dimensions that have opened up are enriching us further and we continue to connect and grow with such amazing and loving friends as part of Om Prem Sangha.

    This is a completely new Universe of Consciousness, Brotherhood that one must experience and rejoice forever !!!

    Loads of Love and Gratitude,

  23. Posted by Kajal on June 4th, 2015, 14:26

    I have had the fortune of meeting Guruji and Guruma 2 years back. Little did I know that “First Meeting” for Akashic reading would be life-changing in ways more than one, beyond my comprehension. I had my reservations about “Gurus” in general but the first meeting changed a whole lot of things for me personally.
    It’s a tall order to write about life-transformation that I have undergone ever since I met Guruji & ‘Ma.
    What attracted me was his clarity, transparency and scientific approach towards life; and icing on the cake was the love that flows in abundance especially if you look into his big eyes  (the last one I noticed much later).
    Guruji-Guruma and their daughter are a living example of “House-holder’s Spirituality” something that he strongly propagates. I have also understood that Spirituality and Material affluence can go hand-in-hand; there is no need to abandon one for the other.
    Personally, my life has improved in all 7-Dimensions and the process is still on. It seems as if I was a stone earlier but now awareness has touched me. From being a restless soul I have become a calmer person. Attitude of learning opened up in a big way; especially when I see his appetite for learning. He surprises me with the vastness of his knowledge not just in spiritual matters but other spheres of life too including technology. I guess that’s what being an Engineer does to you 
    Coming into Kriya family has given my life a purpose both on a personal level as well as for the larger family. One major takeaway is that I have learnt to dream the impossible and have the courage to fulfil them. Me turning an entrepreneur was all due to his Blessings and Grace upon me. I didn’t have the courage to take this step so early on in life but everything just fell into place and happened naturally. This may not be an easy journey but it’s worth it all.
    Gratitude to Guruji and Guruma and entire Gurumandala for showering their Grace and blessings upon all of us. May we all continue to grow and Actualize our potential!!! Let’s make heaven on this earth!

  24. Posted by Yogesh Patel on June 5th, 2015, 01:07

    Namaste All,

    With the Blessings of Guruji, GuruMaa, Babaji and whole GuruMandala, I have started a Learning Center in Bhiwandi and have taken a step towards my Mission.

    I am conducting the following courses built onto the Understanding installed in us by Guruji & GuruMaa through their Teachings :

    *Energy Yog : Experience the Power of Breath. Going into the subtlety of Breath.

    *SwaraYog : Ideal shastra for Grihasthi, living both Material & Spiritual life together.

    *150 Year Club : Learn to live longer and do more humanitarian Missions.

    *Super Brain Development for Kids – Complete Holistic Development to bring the best out of a Child.

    *Parenting – Mother , Father & Child. How to Talk, Appreciate, Develop, Help your child for their Growth.

    And this would have been never possible without the proper guidance and teachings of Guruji.

    I remember Guruji saying that “My job is to make you a Master and not a Disciple”. I have started walking towards that journey.

    Grateful from the bottom of my heart to Guruji & GuruMaa.

    Love & Regards
    Yogesh Patel – +91 9029261592 ( Whatsapp)

  25. Posted by Tushar on June 5th, 2015, 06:34

    I am a great admirer of Scientific Spirituality, to the extent of madness (!) There has been a lot of discussion on various sci-spiritual topics like DNA, SuperConsciousMind,Blissful Breath, Physical Immortality, Abundance Manifestation Techniques, Unicerse as Shiva’s Dream etc.
    I want to start a discussion on this forum about DNA Activation. This is the need of the hour as time and environment is just right for maximum achievement in any sphere of activity.
    DNA is our guide for further evolution. Let us not miss this opportunity for evolving to become Super Humanity !
    Following are some pointers that I have compiled regarding DNA Activation using Sound Energy. There will be another set of pointers for using Light Energy … but at some time later. I invite everyone to share any knowledge, experience, information etc with regard to the following material:

    DNA Activation using Sound Energy
    DNA – The blue print of our physical evolution
    DNA – A Cookbook or Guide for cell nucleus for managing numerous reactions within and between cells
    DNA – A storehouse for holding memory patterns like habits, prejudices, likings
    DNA – A storehouse of current and past life experiences, events, learnings, skills
    Why we need DNA Activation
    To become happy – with good health and long life
    To use learned skills
    To be able to absorb and transmit (emit) more energy
    To activate and release stored action-pattern (karma)
    DNA being part of the cell, Cell Activation leads to DNA Activation
    Any action that imparts energy to the cell, causes CELL-DNA Activation
    Light and Sound are 2 energy forms that are easily available and readily absorbed by us
    Sound energy is more suitable and effective than Light energy
    We are tied down to the 3d reality by our physical body
    Sound affects solids and liquids profoundly
    70% of our body has liquids
    Sound effect is grosser than Light and this is suitable for gross physical body
    Sound is the Love of Universe and our cells KNOW this Love and how to use it
    DNA strands are known to expand and become more active when cells feel the Love
    Certain sounds evoke our deep, ancient memories and help release energy and hormones in cells
    The energy of vibration of Sound waves causes our cell material to resonate with the waves
    This causes our DNA material to vibrate along with the Sound waves
    The cumulative effect activates our DNA

    love and regards

  26. Posted by Radha S Perapadan on June 5th, 2015, 06:47

    I met Guruji and Gurumaa in December 2012. Since then, my life has gradually transformed in all areas. My yearning to learn and understand and experience peace within and be happy for no reason dawned up on me. My confidence increased…the way i look at life and people around me changed. I became alert and aware… Akashic Record reading was a real eye opener.

    Guruji and Bharati maa both being engineers, entrepreneurs and leading a family life were more practical with their teachings and their solutions. The knowledge they have is infinite in all and still their enthusiasm to learn more inspiring and motivating. This encourages me to learn more and more from them. The best part with their teachings are the scientific approach which is result oriented,clear and transparent. Guruji and Bharati maa are the inexhaustible reservoirs of love and wisdom, and they radiate the same wherever they go!

    Yes,being with these inexhaustible reservoirs of love and wisdom, I have become calm and peaceful within. My reactions to situations changed into responses. Practicing 49HB kriya and 6 step Nirmal dhyan takes me to another level.

    Guruji’s concept of Enlightened Billionaire teaches us that we can be spiritually enlightened,and be materially affluent and lead a good family life (himself being the best example).

    Being with ever growing kriya family is another amazing experience. My journey with Guruji and Bharati maa continues with the blessings and grace of Gurumandala.

    Let us all grow in all seven dimensions and actualize our real potential and continue with our life mission.

    Thanks and Gratitude Guruji and Bharati maa for coming to my life and being there whenever I need your guidance to walk the path.

    Love and Gratitude again….

  27. Posted by Ng Phuay Cheng on June 5th, 2015, 09:10

    4 years ago, I was prepared to resign from my life of mediocrity and spending the remaining years in quiet desperation,
    but that idea was shelved after an encounter with Guruji and Guruma with their “Kriya Yoga “and brand of meditation.
    I was fascinated with the guided meditation whereby I had experienced, first time in my life the raining of Pranic energy onto my shoulder and it aroused my curiosity and interest to explore further on ” Kriya Yoga ” thereafter.
    I was attracted by their immense knowledge in esoteric and spirituality and attended numerous courses and seminars conducted by the master in wealth creation and spiritual development.
    Through his scientific and systematic ways of teaching, coupled with the amazing power in delivery, my attitude toward life and money changes. My emotion changes. And with all the changes within me, every dimension of my life changes for the better.


  28. Posted by Dr Chetan Dedhia on June 5th, 2015, 16:23

    I am one of the thousands of people, whose life is touched and transformed by Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharati Nirmal.

    Transformation is both tangible and non tangible.
    Tangible to the extent that others recognize and appreciate the change in you and
    Non tangible is what you feel from within – the BLISS!

    The main aspects which connects me to him is that, Guruji WALKS THE TALK.

    Householder’s Spirituality and Enlightened Billionaire, these are not just concepts, Guruji lives every moment into that.
    This inspires us to walk the path.
    But as compassionate Master, he knows all the problems difficulties come on this path (Guruji himself has walked the same path), so Guruji has worked immensely and intensely to device the Technology of Total Transformation, which is SCIENTIFICALLY proven with SYSTEMATIC METHODOLOGY.
    His scientific methodology and his fun filled training with experiential understanding just takes you to higher energy levels from where the quantum jump can happen.

    Guruji’s teachings gives us chance to live our life GOD size i.e. 200%,
    Material world 100% and spiritual world 100%.

    Gratitude _/|\_ to Guruji and Guruma for blessing us with all your love and wisdom. most importantly guiding us to highest need of human being i.e. self-actualization.

  29. Posted by Vinod D'Souza on June 5th, 2015, 17:56

    Words seem to fall short of explaining the positive impact and personal transformation of Guruji’s teachings (especially the focus on experiential understanding) in my life for which i am ever grateful. Truly amazing……….I totally resonate with the EB Philosophy and what Om Prem Sangha stands for…….OM Prem

  30. Posted by Rajeev Mehra on June 5th, 2015, 19:12

    We, as human beings, have a choice of either living our lives in spiritual ignorance or treading on the path of Self Realisation and Liberation. I am blessed and grateful to have Guruji guide my family and me on the path of Love, Light and Liberation.

    “Awareness in Living and Living in Awareness” are the keys to the door of the path to Liberation that we seek. Guruji, through his Kriya Yoga and Awareness Development Programs, has been guiding us systematically to increase our awareness.           

    We have been attending spiritual retreats and sessions conducted by Guruji and each one has resulted in increased Energy and Awareness levels.

    With increased awareness and understanding, we can feel the change in our lives. Suffering caused by the mind disappears almost as soon as it appears. Everything feels blissful. 

    Guruji and Guruma passionately share their wisdom and inspire all seekers to live life with Unconditional Love.

    Gratitude Guruji and Guruma!! 

  31. Posted by Meeta A Chheda on June 6th, 2015, 07:17

    Hello friends, I am Meeta Chheda residing in Mumbai.

    Just two years ago I was undergoing a very incomplete state of mind and the feeling of what am i doing, why am i not able to make use of my potentials,etc quite low in frequency. And then within a few days ENLIGHTENED BILLIONAIRE CLUB was announced. And friends in the first meeting of the club the first done deal slip was from me. (it is the slip where we share the business we got from the club members). ATMA -TRUPTI SERVICES was not only started but it was functioning with profits with the start of EB CLUB.

    Friends since then there is no looking back. With the grace of Babaji and the training in skills and attitudes learnt in EB CLUB.
    Atma trupti Services just bloomed. We started with catering services, then started with supply of Haven Samagri, then with dry fruits. And now we help you in all types of Donations and Charity.(from giving food to ants, dogs, crows, fishes etc. We also help you with your charity to unmarried girls (Kumarikas) and Brahmins and Sadhus too!)

    One thing which i learnt from our Guruji and Guruma is about “Growing with harmonious strategies and helping more and more people to achieve their goals”.

    While walking on this One greatest thing that happened was we were able to start on our life mission along with taking care of family, kids and the business.
    With the help of one of the guru-banbhu Dr. Chetan Dedhia, we started giving meals to children in a school, who are deprived of healthy food. And this is done with the funds of all the divine souls who want to feed children. This is a win win situation for all… children –the one who wants to give food (the donor)—and Atma Trupti Services. This is an most practical and functioning example of Grahasthi ka adhyatma (house holders spirituality).

    I am grateful to Guruji and Guruma for encouraging and being a live example of all that they teach. being with them i have experienced that spirituality is not different from material world. they are one there is no duality.

    And this understanding has transformed me, has bloomed me
    _/\_ _/\_

  32. Posted by Preeti Jawale Patil on June 6th, 2015, 17:30

    —- Directionless life became purposeful.
    —- Fear turned into love.
    —- Motivation less life got a mission.
    —- Doubts were won over by clarity.
    —- Negativity was won over by appreciation.
    —- Outer search became an inner reality.

    All by the grace of Guru Tattva, in the form of my beloved Guruji Prem Nirmal Sir and his wife Guruma Bharati Nirmal.

    It all started six+ years ago when i had my first counselling session with Guruji. Something in me understood that he had answers to everything. Since then, Guruji’s and Guruma’s guidance has transformed my life. It feels like i have started living only from the time i met them.

    Initial big blow was the time I realized deep within that we on this earth are just programmed robots, as a result of our conditionings like childhood conditionings, parental conditiongs, societal conditionings etc. I realized given a situation, I was likely to react in the same manner as I always had been. There is nothing new happening with me, that is the time the question of, what am I doing on this earth (if everything is so programmed) jolted me. After this there was no looking back.

    Householders spirituality and Enlightened Billionaire are absolute master stroke concepts. These have transformed many a lives. The scientific approach leaves no doubt in mind.

    Gone are the days when one had to slog for years to see some progress on the spiritual path.

    Gratitude to Guruji and Guruma for being such an ocean of love.

    Love you from the bottom of my heart.

  33. Posted by SHILPA MHATRE on June 7th, 2015, 07:37

    While no words can ever contain all the life changing experiences , teachings and wisdom of my extra-ordinary Guruji and Guruma , My long journey with them started with doubts but due to Gurujis scientific and systematic methodology of teachings it culminated to total dedication . Life has transformed . Life which seemed so much like trials and tribulations , now seems to be a beautiful journey with loads of learning & soul enriching experience.

    My Guruji & Guruma have helped me change my perspective of life , look into my blind spots & my patterns and do a lot of attitudinal corrections. Training for Developing Awareness is a master stroke in his training workshops . I have learnt how to draw energy even from criticism , and also to increase my PEVF – Personal Energetic Vibrational Frequency. His workshops on Seven Dimensional Prosperity Development has brought never ending abundance in our lives in all seven dimensions of life!

    Walking the path of House-Holders Spirituality seems the best due to all these changes in Me, where I get to enjoy the best of material world and also walk the path of enlightenment.

    Gratitude , Gratitude , Gratitude to my Guruji and Guruma and to the whole Grumandala for this life transformation.

  34. Posted by Nita Dalal on June 7th, 2015, 17:42

    I met Guruji and Guruma 3years back .continuous learning happened then was learning for entire family and today whatever understanding level we have reached is the result of teachings blessings & grace of Guruji and Guruma.
    They taught us not only Kriya Dhyan but taught us scriptuers like Tripura Rahasya, Kashmir Shaivism , Pashupat Shaivism , which very few masters are teaching now a days.
    He taught us to live like Janak! Aishwaryawan!
    We all are very much thankful to them.

  35. Posted by Geeta Prakash Rao on June 7th, 2015, 17:48

    My husband introduced me to Guruji and Bhartima 14 years ago and since then there has been no looking back.
    Their compassion and selfless service to all has many a time left me spellbound. My life has been totally transformed by their teachings. From leading life in a holistic way to walking on a path to achieve the ultimate goal for a human being, everything that I know has been taught by Guruji and Bhartima.
    I am eternally grateful to them for showing me life as I have never known before.
    Love and gratitude.

  36. Posted by Lalit on June 7th, 2015, 18:10

    Tao has been a spiritual lab, in presence of Prem sir, learning happens! There is no need to think about it, it just happens!! I am no one to judge him, but his sessions are loaded with honesty and sincerity. Different sessions, different topics, but ultimately everything boils down to development of Awareness and Understanding. Every thing revolves around it, and its not one day job or weekend spirituality, its a continuous process, and the outcome is just bliss and joy. Every thing is so simple, u always keep on thanking all Gurus of Gurumandala for giving so much, and still giving.
    Sir, the basic learning happened in your presence and ever since that the flowering is continuing,
    Bow my head with Gratitude and thanks for all u have given me.

  37. Posted by Manu Rampal on June 8th, 2015, 10:14

    It was in year 2012 that we first met Guruji and Gurumaa in Dubai. We sat amongst a group of people eagerly listening to his talk on the Seven Dimensions of Prosperity. Some connection was instantly formed and we (me and my husband) so easily gravitated towards his teachings and philosophy !
    A weeks stay at Pyramid ashram, Mumbai, the same year, was a turning point in our life. It further fuelled our desire for higher knowledge and understanding of life . And to be under the guidance of Guruji and Gurumaa felt like being in safe and loving hands !

    There are many subtle ways in which our lives are transformed. One of the many changes I see in myself is my ability to let go of things so easily ! No more fretting and fuming over things which don’t fall in my plan perfectly ! Each day is an opportunity of joyful learning and we strive to grow in awareness and maintain congruency in our thoughts, words and actions. We are truly blessed to have the grace of Guruji and Gurumaa’s presence in our life. Its also a joy and blessing to grow spiritually together with such a beautiful group of people as we have in the Om Prem Sangha family!

    Gratitude to Guruji, Gurumaa and the entire Gurumandala for making this happen to us and to countless others !
    May we all continue to grow in Awareness !

  38. Posted by Roma Biswas on June 8th, 2015, 15:36

    My Gratitude to Mahavtaar Babaji and Guru Mandal for introducing me to Guruji. I met Guruji 8 years back in a residential Retreat at Kalyan, when my quest to know the Ultimate Truth – Who Am I ? From where have I come and why ? was optimum. During the Retreat he introduced me to Kriya Yoga and the inner voice said Yes,this is it . Next week I was at TAO and from then onwards learning session with Guruji started – Nirmal Kriya,Dhayn,Aura Reading and finally ADP. During ADP became aware of my ray and soul mission – the purpose of coming on this Planet. This was a turning point in my life as I realised that all the years I was just wandering and wasting time, My work is something else. It gave me a purpose in Life, an ambition. Awareness and experiential learning started taking place which slowly brought in transformation. Here I must admit that I have always been a slow learner. I take a long time to understand and seep in, I am grateful to Guruji and Guruma, who like parents of wandering child always stood beside me patiently and lovingly correcting me and showing me the right path, In Awareness experiential learning took place and my approach towards life,people and everything changed. The attitudinal behaviour,blind spots,inflated ego, patterns all came into limelight and now am able to let go off them without much effort.Guruji’s teaching on balancing Material and Spiritual Life has helped me so much that now I am so happy that I have never been before. Things are automatically falling in place and all the pending issues of past lives with respect to Relationships and Money are getting sorted out.

    Friends, my words are too small to express my happiness and Bliss that I am experiencing under the guidance of Guruji and Bharati Maa. They are not only my Guru but also my parents.They have brought in a total transformation in my life. Thank you so much Guruji and GuruMa.

    Of all the Workshops and Retreats the one which I eagerly wait for is the Karmakshalan Retreat, It is amazing and out of the world session. Here both the Masters are totally different – tough and hard task masters,working hard on everyone in making us realise the Truth and our blockages. It is an electrifying and highly intensive workshop, where lot of learning,sharing, transformation and experiences take place, At the end of it you come out clean and clear and take a high jump towards Reality .

    My prayer to Mahavtaar Babaji and the Guru Mandal that let every soul on this Planet get the privilege to come in contact with Guruji, Guruma and become the part of Om Prem Sangha family where you find love, happiness, enjoyment, caring and truth.


  39. Posted by Madhavi Chavhan on June 19th, 2015, 15:57

    After meeting Guruji and Guruma, our lives have been truly transformed. For me it has been a gradual process but when I look back I realize the quantum change that they have been able to bring about in all aspects of my life. In my search for Liberation, they have systematically guided me to increase my “Awareness” with Kriya Yoga, Nirmal Dhyan and ADP. Their scientific approach instills confidence in each one of us that this path is scalable and they constantly inspire us to “walk the path”
    They have helped me tap my inner reservoirs, thereby opening the doors of peace and tranquility to emerge from within. Initially my intellectual ego attracted me to them, but as true Gurus, they skillfully made me aware of this blind spot amongst many others, thereby opening up beautiful dimensions and enriching me further. In their presence and in every meeting, one experiences a shift in consciousness. Because of them many spiritual doors opened up and we were fortunate to meet some great spiritual masters on this planet. My sincere Gratitude to Guruji and Guruma who have dedicated their lives to enriching the lives of millions …..

  40. Posted by Audrey Cheong on July 9th, 2015, 08:05

    Wonderful learning experience with Guruji n Guruma.
    Understand more clearly on the Path.
    Thanks Guruji & Guruma!
    Love n blessing.

  41. Posted by Alpa Dalal on March 21st, 2017, 18:02

    I PROSPERITY -story of My Journey with Om Prem Sangha
    What Is Prosperity?
    Being Wealthy?
    Being Successful?
    Realising all your dreams?
    Being a celebrity?
    So definition or meaning of prosperity will change from person to person or from time to time for the same person !
    Prosperity means feeling abundant , fulfilled & satisfied in all dimensions of life & yet continuing your growth to realise your highest potential , and enjoying every moment of your existence while achieving it .
    Prosperity is when gap between what you are & what you want gets smaller &smaller.
    You may feel that this is really an excellent concept to write about & very idealistic but not achievable or doable in real-life !
    Well i used to think in the same way few years back . I had buried many of my younger days’ dreams under the practical day to day issues of life . I was losing my physical energy , vigour & enthusiasm & courage to see new dreams or revoke the old ones
    So was leading a so called successful life in terms of money , name & fame ,but passion was missing. There was a monotony in life.
    During this period a friend introduced me to Guruji Prem Nirmalji and Guruma Bharati Nirmal and that was a turning point of my life journey.
    Many things started changing & attitudinal corrections started happening and multiple levels
    To cut the long story short i can group them into
    5 fundamental changes ,
    which became the building blocks of my prosperity.
    The 5 Cs
    1. Capacity
    With kriya yoga & meditation ,energy levels soared with increased , physical ability ,imroved emotional stability & mental agility
    2. Clarity of thoughts and Cutter removal
    I started to have more & more clarity about what i want from life & developed the courage to drop unnecessary things from life
    I learned this lesson during kailash yatra – if you wish to make it to the top you have to drop the clutter and travel light
    3. Communication
    With the capacity & clarity ,communication improved in a big way reflecting in my personal relationships with family & friends and my profession .I become more effective and efficient and that gave tangible increase in my income & spending lesser time at work sparing more time for personal growth
    4. Consistency and Congruency in Thoughts, Words and Actions
    5. Connectedness
    I learned to connect to the prosperity consciousness and remain connected.
    I love to go to the depths of concepts and find the roots , i love to connect to people , motivate and help them and facilitate their self healing .
    I love to teach and train
    All the things that i love , materialised and unfolded so beautifully beyond my expectations
    I become part of first international research on Kriyayoga & Meditation ( Nirmal Kriya and Six step Nirmal Dhyan)
    and could traslate these results & my own experience to motivate & elevate my family , my friends & my patients.
    One of my patient a diabetic lady with stroke & dementia came to my class walking with help of a walker , very timid unable to answer even simple questions
    After about two months of regularly attending my class and doing Holistic Exercises , Nirmal Kriya and Nirmal Dhyan she started showing tremendous improvement.
    We had organised a function in TAO to celebrate completion of one year of Meditation classes at my hospital ,she came up climbing two flights of stairs , walked confidently without her stick and gave a confident speech in front of 40 people & in presence of my masters, Guruji and Guruma.
    Freinds that day i felt like the most prosperous person on the earth.