21 Points Teachings of Prem Nirmal

21 Point Teachings

1) Practice ‘Householder’s Spirituality’: (Grihasthion ka Adhyatma). Be wherever you are and lead a normal “Grihasthi” life. Do your normal duty with responsibility, as a family member, employee or Businessman…No renunciation! No escapism in name of Sanyas!! Only life positive approach!!!

2) Learn to live life purposefully! Consciously clean your life by removing the “clutter” and “conflicts” from every aspect of your life. Set your things right to spare some time for yourself. Know your Life Mission and work passionately through every action to fulfill your Life Mission.

3) Be simple, be humble and cultivate “Attitude of Learning”. Learn at every possible opportunity. Prepare “Things to do List” and prioritize daily morning. See how they are aligned to your Life Mission. Through out the day keep your awareness on your mission fulfillment so that at the end of the day you feel really happy.

4) Consciously imbibe and practice the qualities such as Friendliness, Assertiveness, Positive Attitudes, Courage and Unconditional Love and Forgiveness to all.

5) Be vegetarian. Eat only when hungry and as per the needs of body. Once in a while give rest to your digestive system! Come out of your addictions, if any, at once.

6) Become aware of your “Emotional Luggage”. Practice “Nirmal Kriya” followed by Meditation and be completely out of it.

7) Spare some time to look deeply into your “Childhood Conditionings”. Write down whatever flashes in your mind. Meditate to “SEE” if your behavior is governed by those “Childhood Conditionings” which do not exist today. Once in a while, enjoy solitude to look deep within. Watch every aspect of your thoughts and desires to understand your mind. Let your “Insights” guide you to change your “Behavior”. While in samsara, enjoy your normal routine with higher “Awareness” free of all past conditionings!

8) Look at your “Relationships” in an objective manner. If you still have any relationship that is bothering you, practice “Appreciation”, “Gratitude”, and “Unconditional Love and Forgiveness” and start enjoying life to the fullest! Learn to relate with people without any expectations, to live life conflicts free.

9) Reduce your dependency on allopathic medicines. Learn to heal your self with Kriya and Meditation, by increasing your cellular vibrancy.

10) Have thorough understanding of Law of karma. (As you sow, so you reap). Practice “Karma-kshalan Kriya” in water and by side of fire, as much as possible to come out of the clutches of past karmas completely.

11) Be regular in your sadhana of Holistic Health Exercises, Kriya & Meditation, to shade off your karmic load faster!

12) Be with nature, in silence, as much as possible. Enjoy Satsang and Group Full Moon Meditations in pure natural surroundings.

13) Strike the balance between material & Spiritual…Live in Abundance – consciousness with your being rooted in Meditative Awareness. Be an “Enlightened Billionaire” like King Janak!!

14) To enjoy your life to the fullest, learn to consciously bring about the changes in your life, the way you want, through contemplation and meditation. Have the spirit of enquiry. Listen to all concerned but take decisions of your life only as per your inner voice. Do not be a part of “Spiritual Slavery”. Walk the path of “Scientific Spirituality” and be a light unto yourself!

15) Live your life – Moment to Moment – with Joy, Enthusiasm, Love and Gratitude for Existence. Carry the Silence with you in whatever you do and let every act be in awareness, to be in the natural flow of cosmic rhythm.

16) Read good books / Scriptures, listen to the words of wise ones, attend satsang to be with living Masters and get wisdom.

17) Practice watching your breath and witnessing the flow of thoughts daily as much as possible. Become aware of number of thoughts per minute. Also become aware, how witnessing reduces number of thoughts per minute. Go deeper…and enjoy silence!

18) Walk the path to Enlightenment by witnessing your thoughts. Get rooted into the gap so intensely that you dive deep into silence to disappear completely! Fulfill the purpose of your life in this very lifetime!!!

19) With daily practice, strengthen your wings of “Awareness” and “Understanding” through Meditation, right reading and being with Spiritual Masters.

20) Appreciate all, criticize none. Walk your own path… be a Jivan Mukta!

21) Live your life with Love, Appreciation, Surrender and Gratitude and live in freedom, be a Jivan Mukta!

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