Power of Super-Conscious Mind

Learn the Ultimate Secrets of Abundance & Enlightenment

An EXPERIENCE-based workshop, with lots of scientific proofs…

Designed for people from various backgrounds who are interested in “FAST LEARNING” and also in “Material & Spiritual GROWTH” or for just about anyone who recognizes the need to pause and ponder over the eternal, unavoidable questions:

(1) Who am I?

(2) What is the purpose of my life?

(3) How do I move towards Abundance & Enlightenment?

Is there a simple & practical way to Abundance & Enlightenment? Is it possible to live joyously and blissfully in the midst of the super-fast pace of life?

For open-minded and sincere spiritual Seekers, Guruji Prem Nirmal, Scientific Mystic and Enlightenment Educationist, personally conducts a two-day intensive – experiential workshop, which is unique in its profundity, clarity and depth of spiritual experience. Being a certified Counselor and Human Trainer, Prem combines the sharp-edged western scientific approach to spirituality with a DIRECT EXPERIENCE of Prana Shakti, through “NIRMAL KRIYA”.

Topics covered: DAY-1

• Conscious, Subconscious & Unconscious Mind

• Power of Subconscious Mind

• Subconscious V/s Super Conscious Mind

• Power of Super Conscious Mind

• How to tap the Power of Super Conscious Mind?

• What is wrong with our basic decision making process?

• Seven Bodies & Associated Engrams

• New Breakthrough Methodology through ADP

Topics covered: DAY-2

• Learn to see AURA with naked eyes!

• Blind Spots & Hidden Corners

• Secrets of Intuition development

• Understanding Law of Karma & Breakthrough methodology to go beyond Karmic entanglements in every aspect of life!

• How to use Power of Super Conscious Mind for Abundance

• New Insights into Creation & Manifestation through Shree Vidya

• Way to Enlightenment, the Ultimate Adventure!


During these two days, you will also learn how to implement some practical and simple life style changes, which can bring about a miraculous transformation and put you in charge of your life!


Based on the “POWER OF SUPER CONSCIOUS MIND” and includes Breath work, Discussions, Physical exercises and “Super Conscious Meditations”. The entire program is based on the ancient wisdom of Kashmir Shaivism, Shree Vidya, Kriya Yoga and the modern insights from Cybernetics & Noetic sciences and extensively uses “ADP methodology” developed by Prem Nirmal.

The special attraction of this workshop is the Scientific Proofs shown through multimedia presentation on Aura, Chakras, Meditation, Astral Travel, Water Crystals, Cosmic Energy and Scientific Spirituality.

Please Note: Only after doing this Level-2 workshop, you are eligible for Karmakshalan Retreat.