Masters’ Training

Kriya Yoga Masters’ Training Program is for those who have completed learning Kriya Yoga Level-1 and Kriya Yoga Level-2 workshops and are regularly practicing Nadi-samhar Kriya and Shakti-Chalini Kriya and also have capacity to see Aura with naked eyes. The purpose of Masters’ Training is to encourage participants to conduct Kriya and Meditation classes to spiritualize the whole world by 2020 and create heaven on earth.

Topics covered in Masters’ Training Program:

1) Who is a Master? Scholar – Mystic – Master (Brahmanishta – Shrotriya)

2) Knowing your own path – walking your own path (Karma-Kriya-Dhyan-Gyan-Bhakti)

3) Attitudinal Corrections for Householder’s Spirituality – Vyavahar-Shudhhi & Spirituality

4) Three Major lessons on Planet earth: Money – Relationships – Enlightenment

5) Secrets of Sutratma & Monadic Journey

6) Antahkaran Shuddhi – The minimum requirement for Enlightenment

7) Importance of Shakshibhava – Trio – Dissolution – Enlightenment

8) Secrets of Sustained Enlightenment

9) Seven Rays & New name

10) Know your mission and get going

11) Awareness & Understanding: Two wings to fly high in blue sky!

Eligibility criteria for Master’s Training Program is Level-1 + Level-2 + Capacity to see Aura.

All Masters will learn to synchronistically simulate the experience of Pranapat – Shaktipat – Shivapat and will learn to impart “Experiential Understanding” to others. Throughout this training lots of attitudinal corrections will happen and you learn “Master’s Attitudes”.

All Masters will be initiated into Moksha-dayini Kriya and will be given new name according to seven rays to complete the monadic mission at earliest.

Awaken Godliness within… Be a Master!