Fast track Kriya Yoga: Level-1 & 2 Combined weekend Course

Life is both Material and Spiritual! Is it possible to continue our regular way of living and still be blissful in the midst of the super-fast pace of life? Do you ponder over questions like: “Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? Why do I feel a kind of emptiness within despite having everything? How do I move towards Abundance & Enlightenment in all the areas of my life? Is there a simple & practical way to Abundance & Enlightenment?”

Come join us! The Kriya Yoga Level 1 and Level 2 workshop is designed for open minded people, who are “FAST LEARNERS” and “are interested in both MATERIAL & SPIRITUAL GROWTH”.

Who can join?

Anyone with basic knowledge of English and burning desire to learn and grow.

Topics Covered: Level 1

  • Two minutes Stress Management & Anger Management Techniques with Blissful Breath
  • Learn to Increase cellular level vibrancy with Nirmal Kriya & enjoy physical and mental well-being
  • Seven dimensions of Holistic Living & Opening of Chakras with Kriya
  • 25 HB and 49 HB (Healing Breaths) Nirmal Kriya & 3-Step Nirmal Dhyan for meditation-based life-style

Topics Covered: Level 2

  • Various layers of mind – Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Super Conscious
  • Limitations of Subconscious & Power of Super Conscious Mind and the ways to tap it
  • Seven Bodies & Associated Engrams
  • Understand the Law of Karma
  • Learn Nadi-Samhar Kriya & 6-Step Nirmal Dhyan
  • Learn to See Aura with naked eyes!
  • Understand Patterns of Thoughts/Habits/Behavior & learn the Shakti-Chalini Kriya to HEAL self-sabotaging Patterns
  • Abundance Manifestation Technique based on Sri Vidya