Art and Science of Holistic Living

Modern day Corporate Executives and Businessmen, Students and Home-makers; all are highly stressed out due to hectic schedules, fast lifestyle and over polluted environment. The speed is increasing day-by-day and so also the worries, tension and future insecurity etc. Urban lifestyle does not permit us to ponder over some basic questions of life viz.

(1) Who am I?

(2) What is the purpose of my life?

(3) Why my relationships are working with few and distressed with many?

Is there a way out? Is it possible to live joyously and blissfully in the midst of the hectic work schedule and super-fast pace of life?

The answer is YES! If you are interested in knowing this answer….read on… Guruji Prem Nirmal, a Motivator, Counselor, Scientific Mystic, Enlightenment Educationist and Human Trainer of international repute, will be conducting a weekend workshop.

The Topics covered are:

1) IQ, EQ, SQ, HQ, PQ

2) Seven dimensions of Holistic Living

3) Opening of Chakras with Kriya

4) Secrets of Prosperity and Money Magnetism

5) Understanding sex, the primordial energy

6) Importance of Householders’ Spirituality and Balancing the Relationships

7) Increasing cellular level vibrancy with Nirmal Kriya

8) The art of Joyful living and Meditation based Lifestyle.

49HB Nirmal Kriya and 6 Step Nirmal Dhyan: Inspired by Mahavatar Babaji and developed by Prem Nirmal, 49 Healing Breaths Nirmal Kriya is Intuitive Chakra Breathing. In this process you will learn the yogic secrets of Ujjayi Pranayam, Khechari Mudra and Shambhavi Mudra…the unique and most powerful combination to increase your awareness beyond your imagination. 6 Step Nirmal Dhyan is step by step easy to follow process of increasing awareness that leads to enlightenment.

You will also learn the simple life style changes, which can bring about the miraculous results and put you in charge of your life!


Art Science of Holistic Living Level-1 Kriya Kundalini Yoga Workshop is based on the ancient yogic knowledge of the Kriya Kundalini Yoga and Chakra system explained in simple language with practical demonstrations, exercises and affirmations. The program is highly interactive in nature and the methodology includes Breath work, Discussions, Physical exercises, High tech musical Chakra Dhyan and Guided meditations. The program is designed to give you first-hand experience of PRANA SHAKTI.

The special attraction of this workshop is learning 49HB Nirmal Kriya and Super Conscious Meditation – “6 Step Nirmal Dhyan” which can be practiced on day to day basis to create lasting changes.


Materials provided during this workshop: Illustrated booklet with Chakra pictures, Nirmal Kriya and 6 Step Nirmal Dhyan leaflets.

Who can attend this workshop? Anyone with working knowledge of English and burning desire to learn and grow.

Please Note: Only after doing this Level-1 workshop, you are eligible for Level-2 Workshop.