Prem Nirmal started his counselling practice with Robert Carkhuff Model of counselling more than a decade ago. Over a period of time, with his own research he developed “Holistic Counselling Model” that he is now practicing to help people worldwide. He has developed various tools and techniques that allow him to see much deeper in the situation of a counselee and his new model also offers simple practical solutions to ease the situation.

Prem Nirmal’s Holistic Counselling Model helps you to develop and improve in all seven dimensions (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Financial and Time) of life and be happy. This is done through a very special technique of “Akashic Records Reading”. With this technique, Prem is able to recognize and discuss with you – your various subconscious patterns and tells you about your self-sabotaging patterns. He also offers you the ways and means of coming out of your self-sabotaging patterns. Every counselling session helps counselee to improve on coping skills and life skills.

For those counselees who find it difficult to meet Prem Nirmal personally, a Skype session can be arranged with prior appointment.

Prem Nirmal is also well versed with counselling of corporate executives on various issues and helps to have better awareness of work-life balance.

To book a counselling session with Prem Nirmal, send a mail to with your name, address, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, contact details and few paragraphs about your situation for which you need to seek counselling help.