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• What is “Loving Attention?”
• Advantages of loving attention
• Why loving attention is so important?
• Hurdles to loving attention
• Why most people are not in a position to receive / give loving attention?
• How to overcome the roadblocks to loving attention?

Human beings are programmed to behave in a certain manner. Everyone is operating out of habit patterns. It is because of habit, that your behavior becomes predictable. The patterns are so deeply engraved in our psyche that there is hardly any chance to change it. But, if someone is interested, it is possible.

Take a deep breath…. Watch your breathing rhythm. You can see, you are in different space. Mostly, this is not our habitual space. Here, you are aware of your breathing… moment-to-moment… as it is happening. Your watchfulness has played its role, to bring about this new quality of breathing.

Are you aware of your thoughts now? Can you watch your thoughts the way you watch your breath? The moment you separate yourself from the flow of thoughts, you become capable of watching your thoughts. This will make you aware of your thought quality. You will wonder what all nonsense you are thinking… for no reason!

If you continue watching your thoughts with full intensity of your attention, the number of thoughts per minute will reduce and come to near zero as you continue your practice with full enthusiasm.

Now change the gestalt. Instead of watching your thoughts, watch the gaps between the thoughts. With this, the gaps will widen and you can get in to no-thought zone. Remain fully alert and aware in this zone. It needs hawk like awareness to continue…

Now bring this quality called “LOVE” to your attention. Give yourself this “Loving Attention”. See what changes happen in your body-brain system. Does it change your chemistry?

As you give yourself “loving Attention”, you heal yourself! You will become aware of many patterns, including self-sabotaging patterns and you can come out of it.

Beyond self-sabotaging patterns, you can see your “BLIND SPOTS”. Once you notice your blind spot and continue seeing it, soon, you will be able to explode it and lots of energy will be released from the blind spot. You can harness this energy within yourself. It leads to higher level of awareness. With this, maintaining higher levels of “Loving Attention” becomes possible.

Once you become full of this “loving Attention” and start overflowing with it, it becomes possible to direct this “Loving Attention” to others! It has tremendous healing quality. It helps you to connect with other human beings instantly, because in this space, he/she is NOT the other – it is YOU! Loving attention helps you to understand everyone around, easily. It helps you to stay in “Non-Judgmental Space”. “Loving Attention” can easily lead to “Loving Connections”. It has the capacity to improve the relationships instantly. It is tremendously potent state. It is the field of all possibilities. This potent state is very useful for manifestation of your dreams. Anything that you ‘will’ in this state, will sooner or later manifest, so, you must ‘will’ in a very responsible way. Here ‘will’ means “Ichha Shakti”.

If a thought is held under this “Loving Attention” (without any counter thought) for 68 seconds, it may manifest in 72 hours! Try it out.

Scientifically, love means your consciousness is vibrating at 1 X 10 raised to 500 Hz. Attention in thoughtless zone makes your consciousness vibrate to 1 X 10 raised to 700 Hz. Maintaining “Thoughtless Attention” may be difficult in day to day living, but maintaining “Loving Attention” is possible with little practice. Hence “Loving Attention” is a sustainable and useful state, with miraculous powers!

Those who learn to sustain this state of “Loving Attention” become “Antaryami” (can see through everybody with mind reading and past birth karma reading capacity)

It has been seen, that most people on planet earth now, do not have the capacity to receive or give this “Loving Attention” because of various reasons. Let us understand these reasons or “Roadblocks to Loving Attention” one by one…

1) Low self-esteem: People with low self-esteem, vibrate at very low frequencies and hence get threatened with “Loving Attention” as it comes from very high vibratory field. They are not capable of receiving the same, hence, usually, they will run away from receiving “Loving Attention”.

2) Guilt and Shame: Those who harbor these two lowest frequency emotions are also not capable of receiving “Loving Attention” for the same reason as above.

3) Criticism: There are people who build walls around themselves by giving criticism to everybody and everything. There is a kind of compulsion – they have to criticize everything, no matter what. Forget about giving, such people can never receive “Loving Attention” because of the wall built around them with effects of criticizing. Same thing with condemning and complaining attitudes!

4) Emotional Discharge: Many feminine people have this compulsive urge to verbally discharge or vomit their negative emotions on their loved ones. Such acts become hurdle to receiving “Loving Attention”. Even if man wants to give, woman cannot receive because she is too busy discharging her negativity on man. This process gives rise to “Emotional Stress” in man and can lead to many diseases, including mainly heart and lungs.

5) Anger: If a masculine person is very energetic and not able to handle that energy, it gets converted in to anger and at slightest ignition, it will blast off. Anger builds wall around subtle body in the similar manner as above and prevents from receiving “Loving Attention” from loved one. Also, expressed anger can damage the relationship and may be difficult to repair at a later stage.

6) Deep hurt and negativity: Those who have had many negative experiences, humiliation, hurt, insults etc. also have many layers of walls around them. Such walls do not allow give and take of “Loving Attention”.

7) Negative Thinking: Those who are possessed by negative thoughts most of the time, build a wall of negativity around them and are unable to give or receive “Loving attention”.

8) Non-Gratitude: Even normal people who do not have above mentioned negative traits but if they do not practice GRATITUDE, they become incapable of giving or receiving “Loving Attention”.

Anything that makes you vibrate at low frequency, is not suitable for “Loving Attention”.

Please note: Such low frequency conditions are not permanent. It can be changed in short duration, if you follow following methodology.

1) Prana: Increase your prana shakti / Chi by doing pranayama, deep breathing, nature walks etc. High prana means higher frequency.

2) Prem / Love: No matter what, be loving! Express your love. Give love. It will come back to you multi-fold. The more loving you become; the higher you vibrate!

3) Pragya / Awareness: Increase your awareness and you start vibrating even higher!

4) Practice of Loving Compassion and Gratitude: All those who practice loving compassion and gratitude, they always vibrate higher and become capable of giving and receiving “Loving Attention”. This is spiritual maturity.

Prana, Prem, Pragya and practice of Loving Compassion and Gratitude can make you capable of giving and receiving “Loving Attention” which has tremendous capacity to heal oneself and others too.

As you give more and more “Loving Attention” to yourself, you heal from deep within. You can heal your “Self-Sabotaging Patterns” as well as “Blind Spots”. This can increase your energy reservoir that will help you to increase prana, prem, pragya and practicing of Loving Compassion and Gratitude further. This positive path will help you to get rooted in “Loving Attention” that may lead to total transformation and lead a person on the pathless path of liberation.

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